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2013 Farm Auction

2014 WHPO Farm Auction

Saturday, November 8th at 8:00 a.m. SHARP

Something for the farmer, farmer’s wife and anyone with farming in their blood.

Seth Zarate Pioneer Seed Rep in Rossville

8 Bags of Pioneer PO858AMX 108 day, Refuge in a bag, top performer on all soils, high test weight and grain quality
10 Bags of Pioneer P34T07R2 3.4 maturity, untreated, round up ready 2, top end yield, good for all soils

Rodney Irvin Sun Prairie Seeds in St. Joseph

5 units of corn SP2843 VT3P RIB high yielding, 113 day maturity hybrid that has been a consistent performer the past 2 years, excellent emergence and seedling vigor, as well as rapid dry down in the fall

Dane Keif Heritage FS
6 Bags of Mycogen 2Y669 108 day maturity

Jim Weston Weston Seed Service
12 units of Pfister 35R25 Beans, RR2, Fully treated.  The best 3.4 bean in the industry for higher yields

Darin Cline Helena Chemical in Danville
4 units of Dekalb Corn 64-87 Smart Stax Cron, industry leader, 114 day maturity, top end yield, stalks, roots
10 units of Asgrow soybeans treated, AG 3533 3.5 maturity, great yielding, roundup ready cyst bean, industry leading 3.5 bean

Tim Schaumburg Purple Ribbon Seeds
3 bags of Corn R.I.B. corn
6 bags of Beans Roundup Ready Beans

Ag Partners Seed Service - Nick Adsit and Bruce Ristow
4 bags of Corn PO636AMX 106 day acre max extra aquamax total refuge in a bag
12 Units of Soybeans P28T33R 2.8 maturity 1Kgene for phytophthora

Todd Shively - Independent Sales Representative for Pioneer Brand Products
2 units of Corn P1142AMX - total refuge in the bag product featuring Herculex Corn Borer, Herculex Rootworm and Roundup Ready traits
10 units of Beans P34T07R2 - fully treated with Pioneer Seed Treatment and contain the Roundup Ready 2 trait

Crop Production Service - Jeff Bradford
6 bags Dyna Gro Corn 52SS91
10 bags Dyna Gro Beans 31RY93

Beck’s Bopper Gillette
6 bags 6175AMX 112 day
6 bags 5385A3 108 day

Crop Production Service - Landon Ruetter
10 bags Dyna Gro Corn 52SS91

Other Specialty Items:
Dralle’s in Watseka - 2-Full Service Oil Changes
Lithgow Motorsports - Premium Tractor Hydraulic Fluid
Silver Brothers - 2- $50 Certificates
Mowrey Auction Company - Combine Wash
Stockland Service Company - $100 Certificate towards any brand/any size 4 light truck tires
NAPA in Hoopeston - Cresecent 5 piece Wrench Set
Paxton Harware - Paint a Room with Dutch Boy Paint 2 gallons
Logos Unlimited - 12 hats any color embroidered
Anthem Chevrolet - 2 basic oil changes & a diesel truck oil change
Olympic Do It Best - Propane Refills
McCullough Implement - Bobcat Rental
AHW - 25 Piece John Deere 1/2 inch Drive Metric Socket Set
Birkey’s Farm Store - Your choice of Serial Numbered Prints by various artists, CASE IH crowfoot ratcheting wrench set, CASE IH click type torque wrench
Affordable Arts - 12 shirts includes screen design
Griswald Feed - 10 bags showrite show feed
Cissna Co-op - #40 Cat Food, #40 Dog Food & #50 Rabbit Pellets
Unger’s Jewelry - Men’s Citizen Quarts Watch, Ladies Citizen Quartz Watch & Melissa & Doug Wooden Town Block Play Set of 35 pieces
Rod’s Home & Auto - 36 pack double A batteries, Blue Parrott Blue tooth hands free head set, 40 pack triple A batteries