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2016 Summer Promotion

2016 WHPO Summer Giveaway

This Summer WHPO, Chrysler of Hoopeston & Ford of Hoopeston is “Driving” Cash & Prices to our listeners ALL SUMMER LONG!

Tune in to 101 Country for your chance to win, or follow our Twitter and Facebook pages!

Summer Party is August 27th, at Ford of Hoopeston

Summer Giveaway Sponsors

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2016 Iroquois Memorial Hospital Song of the Day Winners & Live Broadcast Winners

*The song is played daily between 8am-9am, Monday-Friday
First caller when the song is replayed between 2pm-4pm, Monday-Friday is the Daily Winner
The 5 Daily Winners will be put together and 1 drawn as the Winner of a Ticket and announced on Monday morning!*
Starting July 25th through August 26th, Every Song of the Day Winner wins a ticket to our Summer Party

Iroquois Memorial Hospital Song of the Day Winners

Week 1 - Doc Wallace
Week 2 - Les Toman
Week 3 - Carie Swaney
Week 4 - Traci Zarate
Week 5 - Noel Coffey
Week 6 - Sally Patton
Week 7 - Amy Davis
Week 8 - Anna Zamarripa
Week 9 - Josh Silver
Week 10 - Bonnie Cramer, Scott Tyler, Jenna Leslie, Rachael Milner, Samantha Sanford
Week 11 - Emily Hufford, Bobbi Walkins, PJ Bailey, Todd Davis, Ava Johnson
Week 12 - Jordan Hollingsworth, Seth Zarate, Brian Thomas, Jake Zollar, Elvia Vaughn
Week 13 - Chelsea Flint, Jessie Glenn, Randi Henning, Danny Justice, James Zollar
Week 14 - Matt Cox, Freddy Pruitt, Kyle Hufford, Shawna Claypool, Robert Wallace, Peggy Justice, Sierra Davis, Margaret Holliman, Lil Burton, Michelle Davis, Destin Gilpin, Rhonda Stump, Jarid Dunavan, Jacee Davis, Ray Cramer

Live Broadcast Winners

6-17-16 - Hoopeston Car Dealers Tent Sale - Vivian Crose
6-23-16 - Hoopeston Car Dealers Tent Sale - Tanya McVickers
7-12-16 - Newton County Fair - Scott Strain
7-27-16 - Benton County Fair - Tracy Davies, Michelle Scherer, Gail Lange
Iroquois County Fair - Big R Booth - Jackie Lavicka & Vicky Blanck
8-12-16 - Downtown Danville Inc. - Carol Hodge & Monica Meharry
8-25-16- Chrysler of Hoopeston - Jhance Marshall, Cathy Jo Sroufek, Stephanie Tuggle, Michael Severs, Barb Blackwell, Marilyn McGinley, Teresa Dean, Mary Diskin, Jamie Swaney, Allen Goodrum
8-26-16 - Ford of Hoopeston - Sherri Boose, Sally Birch, Patti Lowe, Kellie Sheppard, Matt Lithgow, Janice Wilson, Luke Esteppe, Cayla Davis, Liz Braddock, Kristie Gonzalez, Shala Funk

Ford of Hoopeston & Chrysler of Hoopeston Daily Drawing Winners

8-15-16 - Ford Winner - Julie McCarthy - Chrysler Winner - Sandra Mullen
8-16-16 - Ford Winner - Betty Davis - Chrysler Winner - Abby Lane
8-17-16 - Ford Winner - Trish Stebbins - Chrysler Winner - Taylor Brooks
8-18-16 - Ford Winner - Jared Warner - Chrysler Winner - Jason Judy
8-19-16 - Ford Winner - Julie Warner - Chrysler Winner - Josh Miller
8-22-16 - Ford Winner - Mike Dean - Chrysler Winner - Tami Brougher
8-23-16 - Ford Winner - Mark Lockhart - Chrysler Winner - Christie Goodrum
8-24-16 - Ford Winner - Melissa Wilson - Chrysler Winner - Donna Watson
8-25-16 - Ford Winner - Marlo Davis - Chrysler Winner - Amanda Gaffney
8-26-16 - Chrysler Winner - Ashley Linares

Scavenger Hunt Winners

Amy Rieches
Lauryn Rutledge
Bobby Pierce
Harmony Goodrum
Leah Ramos
Rodney Ramos
Brandi Brotherton