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Camp 911

September marks the 8th annual Camp 911 for all second and third grade students in Iroquois County.  Over the past 7 yeasrs the children have learned safety techniques and how to get through emergency situations, knowledge they will keep for a lifetime.

Over the last seven years students have used the safety techniques they learned in real life situations: 

- At one school in the county a suspicious looking van occupied by a strange looking man was outside the school, the male subject approached the students and they ran inside the school yelling stranger danger, stranger danger and immediately told their teacher
- A boy cut his finger on a soup can while he was making an after school snack.  He called 911 and an ambulance was dispatched.
- A girl went to a relative’s house after school, but the relative wasn’t home.  There was a miscommunication in where the girl was supposed to be and she called 911 because she was scared.  A police officer was dispatched and assisted the girl in finding her family members. 
- There have been fires where children have gone up to the firefighters afterwards and told them they used the techniques they learned at Camp 911. 
- Last year a student was able to actually save her grandfather’s life using the knowledge she gained from a previous Camp 911!

These situations were all success stories because of what the children learned at Camp 911.  This year’s camp is about Fire Safety.  Each of the approximately 800 students will take home a reflective book bag containing a T-shirt, pencil provided by Sheriff Derek Hagen, coloring books provided by the KC Communications, crayons provided by Coroner Bill Cheatum.  Monical’s Pizza is giving each student an 8” pizza.  McDonald’s is also giving each student an ice cream cone.  This year each child will also go home with a smoke detector thanks to a grant from Iroquois Federal Foundation.  Each student will spend priceless time with our local experienced emergency personnel, which will help them to understand the importance of safety and being prepared for an emergency. The camps start at 8:40am and end at 11:20am.  Here is a list of where the camps are:

September 4 – Watseka 2nd Grade
September 5 – Watseka 3rd Grade
September 6 – Cissna Park
September 9 – St Paul’s in Woodworth
September 13 - Crescent
September 19 – Milford
September 20 – Donovan
September 23 – St John’s in Buckley
September 24 -  Iroquois West 2nd Grade                             in Gilman
September 25 – Iroquois West 3rd Grade in Gilman
September 26 -  Chebanse 2nd Grade
September 27 – Chebanse 3rd Grade/Zion

This year’s presenters and gifts received at each station:

First Aid – Iroquois Memorial Hospital – each child will take home a first aid kit courtesy of Iroquois Memorial Hospital
911 – Iroquois County 911 – Tattootles Calling 911 books and a pencil
Non Stranger Danger – Iroquois Sexual Assault Services – coupon for Monicals 8” pizza
Ambulance – Local Ambulance Service – Camp 911 cups
Fire – Local Fire Department – Fire helmets and smoke detectors
Sparkler Safety – Local FFA Chapter – bracelets
Seatbelt Safety – Illinois State Police – coupon for McDonald’s ice cream cone
Electrical Safety – Eastern Illini Electric – fire truck, hydrant and helmet erasers

Camp 911 is funded 100% by donations and anyone interested in donating to Camp 911 can send donations to Camp 911, 1001 East Grant, Watseka, IL   60970.  If you have any questions please contact Nita L. Dubble at 815-432-6956. 

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