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Harms Introduces Bill to Protect Religious Organizations

Watseka…State Representative Josh Harms (R-Watseka) has introduced legislation to protect religious organizations from having to participate in any way with same sex marriages.  After the passage of Senate Bill 10, same sex marriage, there were protections put in place for churches but not for other facilities associated with the church.  Representative Harms stated that this legislation, House Bill 4263, is necessary to ensure that religious organizations are not statutorily forced to go against their faith.

“Now that the General Assembly and the Governor have allowed gay marriages in Illinois, we must make sure that our religious organizations are adequately protected from doing anything that goes against their religious beliefs,” said Harms.  “The original gay marriage bill that passed gave protections to churches but not other facilities owned and operated by the church, such as schools, banquet halls, and other places of worship.  This legislation will correct the error in the original bill and protect religious organizations from having to go against their faith.”
House Bill 4263 was filed on January 22nd and is currently waiting to be assigned to a House committee.  The Illinois General Assembly reconvenes for regular session on January 29th.

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