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Hoopeston City Council receives Loan Approval 1 week short of deadline

Mike Streff, of Foth Infrastructure and Environment, said loan documents were sent to the Illinois EPA director on August 2nd and were signed August 22nd, granting a loan of $2,536,692 to refurbish Hoopeston’s aerial and ground storage water tanks.  The loan comes with a 1.93 percent interest rate and 20-year payback.

The action came just under the 90 day guarantee of the winning bid by Leander Construction, of Canton.  In other business, parts of a civic improvement committee recommendation concerning Hoopeston liquor licenses got council approval, while another part did not.  Currently there are five Class A licenses, two each of AA & B and three AAA, however, at the August 20th meeting the committee recommended increasing AA to five and B to three plus creating three BB licenses for beer and wine in certain places such as pizza parlors.  At the meeting Tuesday night though chairman Larry Baughn made a motion to approve creating the BB licenses at a cost of $550 per licesne along with changes to the special event licesnes, eliminating a set number a changing the wording from notifying the city each January to providing notification one calendar year before the event.  The motion passed 7-1, with Nancy Stipp voting against it.

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