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Hoopeston Nursing Home

A new operating company has been named for the Hoopeston Nursing Home.  Harry Brockus, Hoopeston Regional Health Center’s cheif executive officer, announced on Monday that Heritage Enterprises, based in Bloomington would be the lease management partner at the new nursing home facility.

Heritage owns and operates nursing homes in Illinois.  Brokus said, “The facility will remain locally owned and our focus today remains the same as in the past, the quality of care our residents receive.  Heritage will help with that philosophy.”  Heritage was consdered the best rural fit with the highest quality ranking out of several bids fro the position.  Brokus also said, “With many changes in health care across our county and within the State of Illinois partnering allows us to reduce the rist to both organizations as we move forward together.  The present nursing home staff will move to the new facility with Beth Totheroh as the licensed nursing administrator at the nursing home.  New hires would be up to Heritage.”  The planned opening date for the nursing home is October 1st.  This tentative date depends on when the state’s Department of Health occupancy survey is completed.

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