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Hoopeston Police Department Report

Friday, March 29, 2013

Warrant Arrest (Effingham County) V13-3062 H13-1551 Steeples
Time & Date: March 29, 2013   4:55 pm
Location: Washington & Market St Hoopeston
Arrested:    Smith, John Paul (48) of Taylor Michigan
Details:    At the above time and date, the subject was taken into custody on the above warrant
issued out of Effingham County 08DT193 FTA DUI $5,000 10% plus $75.00
subject was transported to HPD processed and then later transported to PSB
in lieu of bond.

Drug Arrest H13-1388 & V13-3063     Cade, Welch, Steeples, Linares
Time & Date: March 29, 2013   6:00pm
Location: 300 block W Washington  
Arrested:    Catron, Roger D (54) of Hoopeston
Details: At the above time and date, the subject was detained for questioning concerning an
incident that occurred in the 300 block of W. Washington on March 21, 2013.  Subject was later charged with the following:
1:  Possession of Methamphetamines
2:  Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
3:  Possession of Methamphetamine Precursors
4:  Aggregated Methamphetamine Production

Time & Date: March 29, 2013   8:00pm     H13-1551 V13-3067 Cade, Welch, Steeples, Linares
Location: Hoopeston Police Department
Details: At the above time and date, while subject was being questioned the following charges
came about from the alleged drugs found in the subjects possession. 
1:  IDOC Warrant
2:  Intent to Deliver Methamphetamines
3:  Participating in Methamphetamine Manufacturing
4:  Possession of Methamphetamines
5:  Methamphetamine Manufacturing Materials
6:  Methamphetamine Precursors Non Standard Form
7:  Prescription
Subject has been transported to the PSB Danville to be arraigned on the charges, and held for the IDOC Warrant. 


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