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Residents turn out for shot at Utah conceal-carry permit

About 40 Vermilion County area residents took a five-hour class Saturday to obtain a Utah conceal-carry permit, hoping that Illinois will soon join all the other states that allow their citizens to carry a handgun in public.

The Utah permit is recognized in 35 states, but not Illinois, the only state with no conceal-carry law.

Some taking the class hope that if Illinois gets a conceal-carry law, the Utah permit will be valid here, as it is in Indiana and Wisconsin, or that already having a Utah permit will allow them to get an Illinois permit more quickly or easily. And some just want the ability to carry a handgun when they travel to the states where the Utah permit is recognized, like Denise Scharlach and Mary Bushong, two of several women in Saturday’s class at the American Legion in Hoopeston.

contributed by: Traci Moss “The News-Gazette”

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