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Turbines creating more then power

You might’ve noticed hundreds of wind turbines popping up in the area. It’s all part of a new project that’s not only bringing energy, but hundreds of jobs too.

wind turbine image

This is a big boost for central Illinois

This is all through a company called Invenergy. They started this wind turbine project months ago and now more than 130 are up and running in Champaign and Vermillion county.

This project put more than 230 people to work and created 14 permanent jobs. Turbines are spread over 27,000 acres of land in central Illinois. They’ll provide energy for 65,000 homes.

Not only that, the turbines will give revenue to our schools, fire and police departments and road repair.

Each one of those turbines give back $14,000 in taxes. $7,000 of that will go toward schools in the county.

There are 30 in Champaign County and 104 in Vermillion, that’s thousands of dollars going back into our community.

Contributed by: Illinois Hompage.Net

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