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2013 Summer Promotion

Cruising with WHPO Winners

Click Here for a List of the End of the Summer WHPO Ticket Winners!!

Abby Lane         BJ’s Pump
Allen Goodrum         Davan’s Body Shop
Amy Schroeder         Iroquois Federal
Anita Miller         Morning Show
Arlan Kaufmann         Iroquois County Fair
Ava Johnson         Morning Show
Beth Cessna         Iroquois Federal
Betty Carter         Lithgow Motorsports
Bobbi Walken         Anthem Chevrolet
Bonnie Cramer         Autumn Fields
Brad Burton         Anthem Chevrolet
Brenda Kelnhofner         Morning Show
Brenda Cruisenberry       Friday Morning
Brian Moser         Luke’s One Stop
Brian Meier         BJ’s Pump
Bud Johnson       Fast Lanes
Carie Brooks       BJ’s Pump
Carl Eisenmann       Luke’s One Stop
Charlene Ervin       Harris Insurance
Charlene Carpenter       Simple Pats Hats
Charlotte Sparks       Morning Show
Cheryl Edwards       Friday Morning
Christie Gummere       Main Source Bank
Connie Jones       Friendly Tavern
Connie Leppard       Heritage Woods
Dan McCalla       BJ’s Pump
Darrell Buhrmester     Old Main Pub
Dave Boyd       Affordable Arts
Dave Geiken       Garfields
David Lucht       Anthem Chevrolet
Denny Rosenburger   Old Main Pub
DJ McCalla       Friday Morning
Donna Watson     Friday Morning
Dustin Weber     Iroquois County Fair
Ed Layden     Birkey’s Farm Store
Gail Redeker     Luke’s One Stop
George Kult Jr.     Mowrey Auction
Georgia Woodby     Old Main Pub
Harmony Goodrum     Morning Show
Helen Burgett     Friday Morning
Howard Gaddis     BJ’s Pump
Ian Luke     The Hangout
Jake Cross   The Hangout
Jamie Alwardt     Pink Poodle
Janet Bivens   Fast Lanes
Jean Rhoades   Smith Real Estate
Jed Rayls   Robinson Chiro
Jesse Wallace   Morning Show
JoAnne Gress   BJ’s Pump
Joe/Jerrie Craighead   The Hangout
Joel Bird   Morning Show
Julie Holt   BJ’s Pump
Karen Stone   Changes Hair & Body
Kathy Knake   BJ’s Pump
Kellie Watson   Autumn Fields
Kellie Vaughn   Family Healthcare
Kerry Showers   Danville Paper
Kimberly Wood Autumn Fields
Kristal Young Gillette’s Iris Heaven
Kristie Gonzalez BJ’s Pump
Kyle Richards Main Source Bank
Larry Waters Iroquois Federal
Larry Coon Friday Morning
Leah Ramos Morning Show
Leona York Friday Morning
Les Toman Newton County Fair
Linda Nosler BJ’s Pump
Linda Wilkening The Insurance Center
Lisa Hines IBYF
Lisa Folken IBYF
Loni Gress Pink Poodle
Lyndon Hambleton I & I Penfield
Marilyn McGinley Harris Insurance
Mark Barnes Friendly Tavern
Marty Wells Danville Paper
Mary “Tootsie” Diskin The Insurance Center
Mary Ann Ronna The Hangout
Matt Boyce The Hangout
Misty Courtney Old Main Pub
Mona Birch BJ’s Pump
Nina Ingram Family Healthcare
Pam Goble Friday Morning
Pat McCay Iroquois Federal
Pat Bailey Friendly Tavern
Paul Myles IBYF
Paula Williams Morning Show
Phillip Lane The Gathering
Rachel Milner Morning Show
Ralph Daniel HTCC
Rick Foxworthy Garfields
Rob Rock Gillette’s Iris Heaven
Robert Long Anthem Chevrolet
Robert Pratt BJ’s Pump
Robert Bane Morning Show
Robin Schuldt Luke’s One Stop
Ron Brandenburg Smith Real Estate
Roy Roark BJ’s Pump
Ryan Cade The Hangout
Sally Birch Anthem Chevrolet
Samantha Sanford Kids Kloset
Sandy Haley Autumn Fields
Sandy Cramer Birkey’s Farm Store
Shawn Caspers Morning Show
Shawna Claypoll Morning Show
Shelby Masden CF-Brenna Hildenbrand
Somer Donovan Lithgow Motorsports
Susan Comstock Harris Insurance
Ted Blanck River Valley Recycling
Tim Schaumburg Affordable Arts
Todd Davis Morning Show
Todd Horton C & N Bait & Tackle
Tom Carter Birkey’s Farm Store
Tom Rust Mowrey Auction
Tom Martinez BJ’s Pump
Tracy Carter Robinson Chiro
Virginia Sheppard Anthem Chevrolet
Wendy Starkey Friendly Tavern

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