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Region 6 (without UIUC tests) decreased to 9.1% (ending 12/12).   Vermilion County’s 7-day rolling average increased to 10.2%. 


Mitigation Measures 


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Update on Cases


Today’s Report on Cases:  We had 60 new confirmed cases and 33 released for a total of 321 active cases.  Currently 287 are in home isolation and 34 are hospitalized.  We had an additional death to report for today, a gentleman in his 50s.  Our hearts go out to his family and friends.  Our total number of deaths is 55.  We are still looking into an additional 9 deaths for residency. 


New cases for today include: 4 grade school children, 6 teens, 9 in their 20s, 11 in their 30s, 9 in their 40s, 9 in their 50s, and 12 in their 60s.


Increased Cases / Outbreaks


  • Long Term Care
  • Industries and Manufacturing



Rumor Mill


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  • IDPH Update
  • VCHD Updated Graphic (in both JPG and PDF)



Vermilion County

Total Negatives:  60,736

Total positives: 4310


For All the County Metrics:  http://www.dph.illinois.gov/countymetrics (From 11/22/2020 - 11/28/2020)

For County and School Metrics:  http://www.dph.illinois.gov/countyschool?county=Vermilion (from 11/22/2020-11/28/2020)


Regionally (Region 6) EXCLUDING UIUC Testing (ending on 12/12)  We technically qualify to be in Tier 2, but I am unsure because of the holidays, if the state is maintaining Tier 3 until after Christmas.  I have asked this question and was told this was a state decision and would most likely come from the governor’s office.  So no update on this. 

Test Positivity 7 Day Rolling Average: consecutive days under 12% threshold, positivity currently at 9.1% 

Hospital Admissions 7 Day Rolling Average:  8 days of hospital admission decreases

Med Surge Bed Availability:  29.5%   (below 20% is the threshold)

ICU Bed Availability:  30.2% (below 20% is the threshold)

Currently, 21% of all hospital beds in the STATE of Illinois are occupied by COVID and PUI patients and 41% of ICU beds in use are occupied by COVID and PUI patients.     


ICU bed count as of 12/14/2020 11:59PM

For Regional Metrics, including the breakdown by county:  http://www.dph.illinois.gov/regionmetrics


Testing Information



Vaccination Plans:   http://www.dph.illinois.gov/covid19/vaccination-plan  

    • Updated version of the vaccination plan is available. 


Updated/New Guidance

  • Quarantine Guidance – just a few things about the new Guidance that I’ve had questions about:  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/more/scientific-brief-options-to-reduce-quarantine.html . 
    • Congregate Settings such as Long Term Care, Jails, Group Homes, etc. should NOT implement the new guidance and continue with the 14 day quarantine
    • NEW:  Schools ARE allowed to implement the new guidance.  IDPH is suggesting schools DO NOT use the 7 days for schools for students, but can use it for Adult Staff, and if they choose to do the 10 days, it would be best for the kids to get tested 48 prior to the release date to come back.    If schools or businesses choose to not implement the new guidance and stick with the 14 day quarantine, they are allowed to do so. 
    • ANY COVID19 like symptom during the quarantine, will disqualify them from the early release options. 
    • IF the individual meets the criteria for early release, they still MUST follow masking, social distancing, avoiding crowds, monitoring for symptoms, etc.
    • The individual in quarantine IS RESPONSIBLE for obtaining their negative results – PLEASE DO NOT call the health department to obtain lab results, you must get those from the location you tested with.   If they go through the state for testing, there is a patient portal to get their results from.  I am waiting for information on this. 
    • Testing can be obtained by a viral test:  PCR test or an Antigen test. 
    • If testing to get out of quarantine, it MUST be 48 hours prior to RELEASE date.   You MUST receive your results prior to release.  A negative test the day after exposure DOES NOT count.
    • EXAMPLE:  I am including this chart as an example for someone who was exposed on December 1st.  On the left side, it gives actual dates for the examples. On the right side, indicates just days so you can apply it to any date.   
    • IDPH posted on their Facebook AGAIN, a graphic that took off the day 5 testing, so it is back to testing on day 6 or 7 for the 7-day release option.  I apologize for the confusion

Date of Exposure:   December 1st, 2020

Day 0

7 Day Option

If asymptomatic, they can get tested on December  7th or 8th.   

If asymptomatic AND If test from Day 6 or Day 7 is negative and already received, the person’s LAST day of Quarantine is on December 8th and they can be RELEASED on December 9th

7 Day Option

Day 6 or Day 7 – Get Tested

Day 7 – LAST DAY OF QUARANTINE – if negative test result is received.

Day 8 – release


10 Day Option

If asymptomatic and no test, the person’s LAST day of Quarantine is on December 11th and can be released on December 12th   

10 Day Option


Day 11 - release



Updates of Flu


We still have flu shots left.  While we have completed our flu clinics, people can still do walk-ins.  If you are uncomfortable with coming in, you can request an appointment and we can do a drive thru.  You can call 431-2662 ext. 249 for more information. 




Positivity Rates:  This can also be found at the following link if you want to see the other counties that are in our region. REMINDER:  We want it to be UNDER 8%.  You will have to scroll down all the way to see them. http://www.dph.illinois.gov/regionmetrics?regionID=6  




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