The Vermilion county health depatment had a large Johnson and Johnson clinic at the Fischer Theatre Wednesday.   They vaccinated 425 individuals.  They have another clinic on April 10th for Johnson and Johnson and we are pretty much full which is GREAT news! 


Anyone wanting to sign for our upcoming clinics can go to our website:  www.vchd.org , or they can call 217-431-2662 ext. 263 or 264.


They will have a 2nd dose Moderna Clinic tomorrow at the Fischer Theatre from 9-2.  This will be our last scheduled clinic at the Fischer!! It has been an amazing location to have our clinics and the talk of many around the state!! 


They will be back to DACC and the Airport beginning next week with our Moderna Clinics and will be opening them up for 1st and 2nd dose.  Right now, we have them as 2nd dose only, but we will be changing that tomorrow.


They will begin to head to areas to reach out to our more rural areas and our harder to reach populations with our Johnson and Johnson allocation.  Here are some of the locations we will be headed to the end of the month, beginning of May.


  • Sidell
  • Oakwood
  • Georgetown
  • CRIS
  • Danville Housing Authority
  • Salvation Army
  • Rescue Mission


Other Vaccine Location Opportunities



Once again, please share!!  There is absolutely no reason why our county should not be leading the pack with our % of population vaccinated, but instead we are STILL closer to the bottom.


Updates / Guidance: 

  • We are beginning to see an uptick in cases again nationwide, statewide, and even in the county.  It is still required to wear masks in public or at businesses, it is still important to be cautious and social distance.  The last thing we want to do is begin another spike in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.  Getting vaccinated is a great way to help as well!! 



Regional Metrics

Region 6 – 2.4% positivity rate

Vermilion County – 2.4% positivity rate

ICU availability – 47%

Patient increases – 5 out of the last 10 days



COVID 19 Daily Updates (available on our COVID19 page on our website)

As of April 7th, 2021


Vermilion County Vaccination Counts
Total Number of Vaccinations Administered:  30,115
Total Number of Vermilion County Residents FULLY Vaccinated:  11, 924
Percentage of Vermilion County Total Population Fully Vaccinated:  15.52%
Total Number of Vermilion County 65 and older Fully Vaccinated:  7,211
Total Number of Vermilion County 16-64 Fully Vaccinated:  4,713


Vermilion County Case Counts
Active Cases:  250
Hospitalizations:  2
Total Cases (beginning March, 2020):  8,877
Total Released / Recovered:  8,502
Total Deaths – 125

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