We vaccinated about 333 individuals today, primarily their 2nd doses at the Fischer and one of our onsite workplace clinics.  Today was our last clinic day at the Fischer.  We wanted to thank Jason Rome and the Fischer Theatre Staff and Volunteers for their generous use of their theater.  And as always, we are extremely thankful for the Illinois National Guard!!  We have about 1 more month that they be here!  Please continue to spread the word about all the clinics in Vermilion County!!

Anyone wanting to sign for our upcoming clinics can go to our website:  www.vchd.org<http://www.vchd.org> , or they can call 217-431-2662 ext. 263 or 264.

We will begin to head to areas to reach out to our more rural areas and our harder to reach populations with our Johnson and Johnson allocation.  Here are some of the locations we will be headed to the end of the month, beginning of May.

  *   Sidell
  *   Oakwood
  *   Georgetown
  *   CRIS
  *   Danville Housing Authority
  *   Salvation Army
  *   Rescue Mission

Other Vaccine Location Opportunities

  *   Carle has both Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccine:  Please visit their website for more information:  (https://carle.org/home/covid-19-resources/covid-19-vaccine-information/county-information<https://carle.org/home/covid-19-resources/covid-19-vaccine-information/county-information> ),
  *   OSF has Moderna:  Please visit their website for more information:   (https://www.osfhealthcare.org/covid19/vaccine/<https://www.osfhealthcare.org/covid19/vaccine/>),
  *   Aunt Martha’s (https://www.auntmarthas.org/covid19resourcecenter/<https://www.auntmarthas.org/covid19resourcecenter/>)  At Aunt Martha’s, they are running the vaccine clinic on Fridays and have open slots for this week.  Please email mmarquez@auntmarthas.org<mailto:mmarquez@auntmarthas.org> for appointment request.
  *   VA:  www.danville.va.gov<http://www.danville.va.gov>
  *   CVS in Hoopeston has Pfizer and can vaccinate 16+: www.cvs.com<http://www.cvs.com>
  *   Walgreens in Danville has Pfizer and can vaccinate 16+:  www.walgreens.com<http://www.walgreens.com>
  *   Meijer:  https://clinic.meijer.com/<https://clinic.meijer.com/>

Once again, please share!!  There is absolutely no reason why our county should not be leading the pack with our % of population vaccinated, but instead we are STILL closer to the bottom.

Regional Metrics
Region 6 – 2.6% positivity rate
Vermilion County – 2.4% positivity rate
ICU availability – 45%
Patient increases – 5 out of the last 10 days

COVID 19 Daily Updates (available on our COVID19 page on our website)
As of April 8th, 2021

Vermilion County Vaccination Counts
Total Number of Vaccinations Administered:  30,947
Total Number of Vermilion County Residents FULLY Vaccinated:  12,705
Percentage of Vermilion County Total Population Fully Vaccinated:  16.54%
Total Number of Vermilion County 65 and older Fully Vaccinated:  7,522
Total Number of Vermilion County 16-64 Fully Vaccinated:  5,183

Vermilion County Case Counts
Active Cases:  246
Hospitalizations:  4
Total Cases (beginning March, 2020):  8,882
Total Released / Recovered:  8,511
Total Deaths – 125


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