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Vermilion County Covid 19 update 12/22/21

Region 6 Hospital information Our hospitals in Region 6 are definitely feeling the crunch.  4 hospitals in our region were at Peak Census this morning. 9 Adults ICUS beds available 3 pediatric confirmed cases in non-ICU beds and 4 pediatric probable cases in non-ICU beds 79 COVID19 patients are in ICU beds 172 COVID19 patients are in non-ICU beds. 24 COVID19 patients on vents 4 COVID19 patients died yesterday 30 patients in the ED waiting for an available bed

Vermilion County Vaccination Counts Total Number of Vaccinations Administered (includes 12+):  68,110 Total Number of Boosters Administered:  10,789 Total Number of Vermilion County Residents FULLY vaccinated (includes 12+):  30,59 Percentage of Vermilion County’s TOTAL Population who are FULLY vaccinated:  39.79% CDC has Vermilion County’s total Vaccination rate at 43.1% (this includes some of the federal programs that do not report to the state) You can look at the county views by going to this website:  CDC Data Tracker Percentage of those who are 65+ and have at least 1 dose:  76.37% Percentage and Number of those who are 65+ that are fully vaccinated:  72.60% / 10,786 Percentage of those who are ages 18-64 and have at least 1 dose:  46.56% Percentage and Number of those who are 18-64 that are fully vaccinated:   42.13% / 18,478 Percentage of those who are 12-17 and have at least 1 dose:  21.04% Percentage and Number of those who are 12-17 that are fully vaccinated:  18.19% / 1,104 Percentage of those who are 5-11 and have at least 1 dose: 5.23% Percentage and Number of those who are 5-11 that are fully vaccinated:  2.70% / 191

Confirmed Vermilion County Case Counts (as of 12/20)    Current Active Cases:  406 Current Hospitalizations: 37 (9.1% of active cases) Total Cases (beginning March, 2020):  17,292 Total Released / Recovered:  16,658 Total Deaths:  228


Omicron Variant Omicron is now the dominant variant in the United States.  Below is a how quickly Omicron has spread.  With Delta, it took quite a few weeks for it to completely take over.   We still do not know enough about how it will affect many people.  It is highly transmissible, but the severity is still in question. Having said that, anytime you see a surge of cases, the number of hospitalizations and deaths tend to trend upwards as well.     The booster vaccines are showing better protection, so I encourage anyone who has not received their booster to do so.  And if you haven’t been vaccinated at all, I encourage you to do that as well.    While we have no “known” cases of Omicron in Vermilion County, it doesn’t mean that we do not have any as every test is not sent in to see if it is a variant.  From what I can tell, the variants are mainly up north, but will trickle down, especially with the holidays.   The exponential growth of Omicron is quite alarming.  Instead of trending upwards slowly, it is doubling and tripling. Vaccination Opportunities There are still many options out there to receive a vaccination.  Pharmacies, OSF, Carle, and the IEMA clinics.  Some local providers are also offering vaccines. Please go to our website to see the upcoming clinics for IEMA or to fill out an application for IEMA to come to your site for a clinic.<> We are currently not doing any clinics at this time. Testing Testing at DACC will be closed on December 24th and December 31st.  There will still be testing at VCHD on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Please go to our website for more information:<>

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