Hoopeston Police Department Report 10/18/19

Fire Call

Time:          08:17am

Location:    State Route 9 at State Line Rd

Details:       HFD ISP Arrow all dispatched to report single vehicle accident in the ditch with injuries.    ISP was dispatched to handle the accident.



Disorderly Conduct                                  H19-5694

Time:            1:57 pm

Location:       200 block of W Lincoln St

Citied:            Mark Glenn(54)of Hoopeston

Details:          Glenn was written a city citation for Disorderly Conduct after he was found

  urinating in a front yard. He was given a Notice to appear in City Court.


Fire Call

Time:               3:02 pm

Location:         39000 N 1830 E Road

Details:            HFD dispatched for field on fire.



Fire Call

Time:               4:54 pm

Location:          S 5th Street/E maple Street

Details:             HFD and HPD were dispatched for a vehicle that was smoking.


Driving while license suspended                H19-5705

Time:                7:10pm

Location:           200 block of West Maple

Arrested:           Angelo Zamora (34) of Hoopeston

Details:              HPD officers stopped the vehicle that Mr. Zamora was driving for a traffic

                          violation. A computer check revealed that the subject had a suspended driver’s

                          license. He was arrested and taken to HPD to be processed. He was later 

                          released with a Notice to appear in Vermilion County Court.



Hoopeston Police Department Report 10/17/19

Hit & Run Solved                   H19-4433

Date & Time:                August 18, 2019  04:45 am

Location:              McFerren Park Hoopeston

Cited:                   15 year old Hoopeston Male

Traffic Citations Issued:           1.  No Valid Driver’s License

                                                2.  Leaving Scene of an Accident

                                                3.  Failure to Reduce Speed to avoid an Accident

Details:       This incident occurred in August.  Suspect was notified to report to HPD.

                   Citation were issued for Vermilion County Court Appearance in Traffic Division. 




Possession of Methamphetamines                 H19-5686                       V19-0916

Time:                 7:44pm

Location:            200 block of S Market St

Arrested:             Duane Wishba (54) of Hoopeston

Details:               Officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle Wishba was driving. While on

                            the stop he was found to be in possession of Methamphetamine. Wishba was

                            charged with the above, taken to HPD where he was processed and later

                            transported to the PSB.





Hoopeston Police Department Report 10/16/19

Traffic Accident (PD)                       H19-5646

Time:          08:12 AM

Location:    E Orange Street/S Market Street

Unit 1:         2005 Pontiac GP driven by Kiara N Colunga (F) (18) of Hoopeston

Unit 2:         2012 Chrysler TC Van driven by Ashley N Pierce (F) (28) of Hoopeston

Details:  HPD was request to respond to scene of a property damage traffic accident.  No report of injuries at the time of incident.  Both Units insured.   Both Units drivable.



Possession of Cannabis (City Ord)             H19-5651

Time:          10:50 AM

Location:    426 E Honeywell Ave Hoopeston,   Centennial Manor

Arrested:     Frazier, Kyle A (M) (18) of Hoopeston

Details:       HPD was requested to respond and assist Vermilion County Housing with an issue at the Manor.   Upon arrival officer encountered an unauthorized person to be in the building.  Subject was taken into custody transported to HPD processed and released.  


Hoopeston Police Department Report 10/13/19

Criminal Damage to Property H19-5611

Time:    5:14pm

Location:    700 blk S 2nd Av

Complainant:  54 year old Hoopeston male

Details:    HPD officers responded in reference to criminal damage to the complainant’s

   vehicle.  An investigation continues.


Vehicle Accident H19-5616

Time: 6:03pm

Location: 800 blk S 4th St

Unit #1: 2006 Jeep Utility driven by Dennis Thomas (M) (68) of Hoopeston

Unit #2: Garage owned by Larry Foley of Hoopeston

Details: Driver of Unit #1 advised that as he entered the alleyway, he swerved to miss another vehicle and may have struck the garage.  No injuries were reported, no tickets were issued and Unit #1 was insured.



Hoopeston Police Department Report 10/12/19

Criminal Damage to Property

Time: 9:30am

Location: 324 W Main Street      Silgan Containers

Arrested: Kyle A Frazier (18) Male of Hoopeston

Details: On October 11th 2019, HPD officers were dispatched for a report of criminal damage. After an investigation, Mr. Frazier was arrested, taken to HPD and processed.  He was later released with a city citation and court date.



Hoopeston Police Department Report 10/11/19

Warrant Arrest H19-5570               V19-8749

Time: 12:05am

Location: 300 blk S 4th St

Arrested: Tammy Deaton (37) (F) of Hoopeston

Details: HPD officers were called to the location for a report of a domestic issue.  A 

computer check of Ms. Deaton revealed that she had an outstanding Vermilion

County warrant for failure to appear.  She was arrested, taken to HPD and 

processed.  She was later transported to the PSB in Danville in lieu of bond.




Recovered Bicycle

Details:         Children’s Purple BMX bike was recovered. The owner may identify and claim at HPD


Possession of cannabis, Possession of drug paraphernalia            H19-5587

Time:             8:09pm

Location:       S 4th ave/W Penn st

Arrested:        Kelly L. Gomez(36) of Hume IL

Details:          Officers conducted a traffic stope on the vehicle Gomez was driving. While on the stop she was found to be in possession of Cannabis and Drug Paraphernalia. Gomez was charged with the above, and taken to HPD where she was processed and later released with a Notice to appear.


Hectic Harvest can be a Dangerous Time

Illinois Department of Labor Urges Farmers to Make Safety a Top Concern


SPRINGFIELD – Harvest season is always hectic, but late spring planting this year will mean an especially busy time for farmers over the next few weeks. The Illinois Department of Labor urges farmers not to forsake safety as they race to bring in the 2019 crop.


“Harvest season reminds us how important farmers are to Illinois’ economy and our way of life. But this busy time also brings additional risks to agriculture workers,” said Michael Kleinik, director of the Illinois Department of Labor. “We want farmers to head home to their families safe and sound at the end of each day.”


Vehicle safety is an especially important focus this time of year. Tractor overturns are the leading cause of fatalities in the agriculture industry, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These accidents result in about 130 deaths each year nationwide.


“The roll overs and left-hand turns by farm vehicles on roadways seem to be the top two safety issues,” said Dave Newcomb, Ag Rescue Program Manager with the Illinois Fire Service Institute.

While tractor roll-over accidents most often occur on the farm, roadways also pose a major safety hazard. Too often a vehicle attempting to pass causes a collision before the tractor or farm implement can finish a left-hand turn. Some collisions occur simply because the driver fails to reduce speed for the slower moving farm implement.


Newcomb says impatience and speed are a deadly combination on rural roads this time of year. Sadly, a farm vehicle/car collision this month near Sterling resulted in the death of a 9-year-old girl. The child was a passenger in a vehicle attempting to pass a farm implement. The car struck a grain cart.


“Please, be patient. Please, slow down,” said Newcomb.

Visibility is also a key to safety on the roads. All agricultural vehicles using the public roadways must display the fluorescent orange Slow Moving Vehicle triangle. Additionally, tractors and other self-powered farm vehicles must have proper lighting

. According to Illinois law:

• Lighting is required from 30 minutes before sunset to 30 minutes after sunrise.
• There should be two white lamps on the front of the vehicle, visible from at least 1000 feet to the front of the vehicle.
• There should be two red lamps on the rear of the vehicle, visible from at least 1000 feet to the rear of the vehicle.
• There should be at least one flashing amber signal lamp on the rear of the vehicle, mounted as high as possible and visible from at least 500 feet, which can be used during daylight as well.

Drivers should remember that farm vehicle operators have limited visibility to the rear. Anyone passing such a vehicle needs to use extreme caution.


Modern farm equipment provides effective safety devices if they are used properly. Death and serious injury from tractor roll overs can be prevented by roll-over protective structures – a roll bar or cage designed to provide a safe space around the driver.


But too often workers fail to use a vital part of this safety device – a safety belt.

“We have had fatalities where the people were thrown from the tractor and the roll-over protection pinned them to the ground and in one situation actually drowned the person because they were not buckled in,” said Newcomb. “You need to use all of the components.”


Newcomb offers three more words of advice to help avoid making dangerous mistakes this harvest season. Rest. Nutrition. Hydration. He knows of one farm operation this year that has decided to not work on Sundays during harvest to give its employees needed rest.


“And they determined it only added one day to the overall length of harvest,” said Newcomb, noting that it paid other benefits as well. “He told me, ‘We weren’t tired, so we caught little (maintenance) things before they became a real problem.’”


Farmers may not be convinced to take a whole day off during harvest, but at a minimum, Newcomb urges them to take a break every couple of hours – you can use it not only to stretch your legs but to make a quick inspection of your tractor or combine. Also, your tractor isn’t the only thing that needs fuel. Make sure to eat and drink fluids to stay alert.


“It really doesn’t have to be non-stop. Take a few minutes for yourself for safety’s sake,” said Newcomb.


Hoopeston Police Department Report 10/10/2019

Warrant Arrest H19-5549       V19-8709

Time: 1:56am

Location: 400 blk E Seminary Av

Arrested: Blake Meehan (19) (M) of Hoopeston

Details: While investigating another incident, HPD officers checked out with Mr. Meehan.

A computer check revealed that he had outstanding failure to appear warrants through Vermilion and Edgar Counties.  Subject was arrested and taken to HPD to be processed.  He was later transported to the PSB in Danville in lieu of bond.  


Traffic Accident                   H19-5552

Time:        8:09am

Location:    Hoopeston Middle School

Unit 1:        96 Jeep Cherokee driven by Elijah Wisdom (M) (18) of Hoopeston

Unit 2: 15 Hyundai Utility driven by Lynn M. Labarbara (F) (46) of Hoopeston

Details:      Unit 1 and Unit 2 were traveling east bound in the school zone of Hoopeston 

Area Middle School. Both vehicles approached the west drive of the parking lot. Unit 2 was in front of Unit 1, when Unit2 stopped for traffic. Unit 1 was not able to stop in time and struck Unit 2 in the rear. No injuries, no citations and both units 

                  are insured.


Burglary to Auto H19-5563

Time:     4:36pm

Location:     Parkview Court

Complainant:   31 year old Hoopeston male

Details:            HPD took a report of a possible burglary to auto where a cell phone may have                   been taken. The victim advised he wasn’t sure if it was lost or stolen. The incident has been turned over to the investigations.


Driving While License Suspended H19-5561

Time:          4:03pm

Location:     S Dixie Hwy/W Orange St

Arrested:     Jason Wright (39) (M) of Hoopeston

Details:        HPD officers stopped the vehicle Mr. Wright was driving for a traffic violation.

A computer check revealed that subject had a suspended driver’s license.  He was

arrested and taken to HPD to be processed.  He was later released with traffic citations for Driving While License Suspended, Disobeying Traffic Control Device, and Failure to Signal.



Possession of Cannabis Prohibited H19-5564

Time: 5:00pm

Location: 300 blk W Main St

Arrested: 13 year old male juvenile

15 year old male juvenile

Details: While pulling into HPD, officer noticed the  juveniles exchange a small canister.

After speaking with juveniles, one produced the canister which contained 

cannabis.  Both juveniles were arrested and taken to HPD to be processed.  They 

were both given city citations and city court date. 15 year old juvenile was released

to a parent.


Warrant Arrest H19-5565   V19-8740

Time: 5:00pm

Location: 301 W Main St, Hoopeston Police Dept

Arrested: 13 year old male juvenile

Details: While dealing with a separate issue, a computer check revealed that the juvenile

had an outstanding warrant out of Vermilion County.  Subject was arrested and 

later transported to the Vermilion County Juvenile Detention Center.


Driving While License Suspended H19-5568

Time: 8:28pm

Location: 100 blk E Main St

Arrested: Timothy Bryan (M) (24) of Ambia, IN

Details: HPD officers stopped the vehicle Mr. Bryan was driving for a traffic violation.

A computer check revealed that he had a suspended driver’s license.  Subject

was arrested and taken to HPD to be processed.  He was later released with a

traffic citation and traffic court date.






Hoopeston Police Department Report 10/9/19

Fire Call Rossville

Time: 9:16 AM

Location: 211 Henderson Street Rossville 

Details: HFD Responded to mutual aid call to residence reported as smoke showing from the roof of the house.   






Pedestrian in Roadway                              H19-5519

Time: 5:00PM

Location: Cornjerker way

Arrest: James A. Brayboy (M) (21) of Hoopeston

Details: The above subject was walking in the middle of roadway. When advised that he could not be in the middle of the roadway Brayboy refused to move. Brayboy was arrested and taken to HPD, where he was processed and later released with a notice to appear in City Court.




Possession of Drug Paraphernalia H19-5521

Time: 6:53pm

Location: 500 block of E. Young

Arrested: Titus Barber (41) (M) of Hoopeston

Arrested: Megan Lane (32) (F) of Hoopeston

Details: While speaking to the above subjects they were found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia. Subjects were brought to HPD, processed and later released with a notice to appear in Hoopeston City Court.



Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia H19-5544

Time: 7:52pm

Location: 100 blk E Washington St

Arrested: Michael Cox (43) (M) of Hoopeston

Details: HPD officers stopped Mr. Cox for walking down the middle of the road.  

After an investigation, subject was arrested for the above charges.  He was 

taken to HPD, processed and later transported to the PSB in Danville to await



Modernizing the Cattle Market

National Farmers Organization Says Cattle Pricing System Needs Modernization


(AMES, Iowa) October 8, 2019 — National Farmers Organization says the country’s cattle producers deserve a more modern and competitive cattle pricing system. In mid-July, prices cattlemen receive for their animals dropped dramatically after a fire at a Tyson meat processing facility in Holcomb, Kan., while packer profits skyrocketed.


“The fact that cattle prices dropped so dramatically and packer profits soared is a wake- up call that America’s cattle pricing system needs to change,” said National Farmers Director of Livestock Marketing Pat Lampert. “We as an industry need to move toward a value-based price discovery system.


About 15 percent of cattle nationally are sold in the cash market, making it very difficult to establish accurate and fair pricing. The remaining 85 percent are sold under some form of captive supply.


“Today’s cattle markets are very different from those of twenty years ago,” Lampert said. “Because everyone deals within a system of shrinking cash cattle markets, it’s very difficult to arrive at a fair price.”


National Farmers Organization officials suggest an alternate pricing approach could be based on a blend of average spot cash prices, nearby weekly cattle futures and the weekly beef cutout value.


Cattle pricing frustration was at the forefront during a cattle producer meeting in Omaha, Neb., last week, hosted by the Organization for Competitive Markets. At the meeting, producers said they were losing more than $200.00 per head, while packer margins were more than $400.00 in August.


“We are ready to work with others vested in the cattle industry to help find a solution to these thinly-traded markets,” said Lampert. The most logical way to a fair and honest cattle market would be to base the system on a cattle producers’ actual production costs.


National Farmers markets milk, livestock and crops for thousands of American agricultural producers. We offer six decades of experience representing farmers and ranchers, and grouping production from many ag operations. We help producers market together. National Farmers’ experienced marketing professionals negotiate on conventional and certified organic farmers’ behalf in cash and contract sales, establishing commodity sales terms with the farmers’ interests in mind.


Briggs announces her run for Vermilion County Auditor

Today, I am announcing my candidacy for Vermilion County Auditor.  I feel that it is the right time for people of my generation to step up into leadership roles in our County, working for a bright future.  The Auditor’s position is an exciting opportunity and my professional credentials are well suited to taking on this role.   
I have a strong background in Accounting, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Major in Accounting and a Minor in Forensic Accounting from Indiana State University in 2016.  In the private sector, I have work experience in the Accounting Department at Fiberteq Industries.  In 2017, I was hired as the County’s Financial Resources Director.  For over the last 2 and a half years, I’ve acquired an intimate knowledge of the County’s financial system, providing detailed revenue and expenditure reports to the County Board on a monthly basis.  I have been the County Board Chairman’s chief advisor on County fiscal policy.  I have, additionally, through helping formulate department budgets, formed a strong working relationship with all the department heads and elected officials in the County which would benefit anyone taking on this role.  Finally, I played a key role in selecting and implementing the County’s new financial system software.  
I am a lifelong resident of Vermilion County.  I have a strong love and attachment for Vermilion County and want to see it flourish.  I believe in community service and have had the opportunity to serve on the Danville Library Foundation’s Board of Directors.  I was a participant in the Vermilion Advantage Leadership Tomorrow Program.  I am excited for the future and I am ready to take on this leadership role.  That is why today, I am announcing my candidacy for Vermilion County Auditor. 


Hoopeston Police Department Report 10/8/19

Arrested Charge FOID Required                        H19-5481

Time:                    11:53 pm

Date of Arrest:      10-06-2019

Location:              800 E Seminary Ave

Arrested:              Terry L Williams (37) (M) of Hoopeston

Details:                 At the above time and date, in the area of the above location, HPD was called for a disturbance in the area.   After an investigation the above subject was found to be in possession of ammunition.  He was transported and processed at HPD later released after being bonded. 


Burglary to Residence                                         H19-5485

Time:                    08:37 AM

Location:              400 E Seminary Ave

Complainant:        57 year old Hoopeston Man

Details:                 At the above time complainant reported to HPD that person(s) unknown and without permission entered the residence and removed items. 



Possession of Methamphetamine; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle                 H19-5502   V19-8629

Time:                    8:34pm

Location:              6th Ave/Chestnut St

Arrested:              Jessica Wilson (36) (F) of Attica Indiana

Details:                 Officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle Wilson was driving. While on the stop she was found to be in possession of Methamphetamine and Drug Paraphernalia. Wilson was charged with the above, and taken to HPD, where she was processed and later transported to the PSB.




Hoopeston Police Department Report 10/7/19

FIRE CALL                                                        H19-0107

Time:          5:48pm

Location:    700 Blk E Main Street

Details:        HFD was dispatched to above for an electrical box on fire in the garage. HPD assisted with blocking off the roadway while the HFD worked on the scene.


No Charges filed in Vermilion County Courthouse Shooting

October 1 , 2019, I received the Illinois State Police investigative file regarding the officer involved shooting of Daryl Perkins which occurred on August 23, 2019 at the Rita B. Garman Vermilion County Courthouse, Danville, Vermilion County, Illinois. I have conducted a review of the events and circumstances which ultimately lead to the shooting death of Daryl Perkins. My review was to determine if Deputy Kyle Janesky's actions, which resulted in the death of Daryl Perkins, warranted criminal charges. I have reviewed all the police reports, witness statements, courthouse security video, 911 recordings, autopsy report, as well as all photographs of the scene and autopsy. After a review of all the materials provided, and in discussions with Illinois State Police investigator assigned to the investigation, I have concluded that no criminal charges are warranted in this matter.
The following is a summary of the investigation from which I based my opinion. The investigation Shows that Daryl Perkins (hereinafter Perkins) was an inmate in the custody of the Vermilion County Sheriffs Department. Perkins was transported from the Public Safety Building to the Courthouse for a court appearance in a felony case. During the time prior to his court appearance and after his court appearance Perkins was held in a holding cell on the first floor of the courthouse. Perkins while in the holding cell was not handcuffed. The width of the hallway outside the holding cells is approximately four feet and the length of the hallway is about twenty feet.
As seen on the security video in summary, at approximately 10:05 a.m. Perkins requested to use the bathroom in the holding cell area. The bathroom cell is separated from all of the holding cells, but in the same hallway. The bathroom cell has no window. The holding cells do have Daryl Perkins Officer Involved Shooting— #19-39121300020, page two
windows for inmate checks. Deputy Janesky (hereinafter Janesky) was alone in the security office just across the hallway from the holding cells. Other Deputies were at the front door and escorting other defendants to their court appearances. Janesky granted Perkins' request to use the bathroom and escorted Perkins from the holding cell to the bathroom cell and locked the door.
Just after 10:06 a.m., Janesky can hear that Perkins is done using the restroom and opens the cell door. Perkins immediately begins stabbing Janesky with several Bic pens. Janesky then fell on his back on the floor using his legs to kick Perkins and knock the pens out of Perkins' right hand. Perkins continues to fight Janesky and attempts to reach Janesky's firearm and/or taser.
Janesky's jail key and other items fall to the floor. Perkins continues to fight Janesky reaching for his firearm, while he has his full body weight on Janesky and has his left knee holding Janesky down by his neck. Janesky continues to protect his firearm and taser while also fighting off Perkins. Perkins grabs Janesky's letterman multi-tool and begins to stab Janesky in the face and neck area. Janesky continues to defend himself using his hands to avoid being stabbed and fighting for control of the multi-tool. Both Perkins and Janesky are now in a semi-standing position with Perkins having his arms wrapped around Janesky and they continue to wrestle. Perkins again reaches for Janesky's firearm and is able to remove Janesky's taser. Perkins aims the taser at Janesky while facing Janesky and attempts to pull the trigger. Janeksy then unholsters and fires his service weapon at Perkins. The entire physical struggle lasted over 70 seconds.
Deputy Jeff Bozarth (hereinafter Bozarth) was the first to arrive after shots are fired from the interior of the courthouse and notifies communications. Other Deputies, members of courthouse security, and Danville Police Officers arrive on scene. The scene is secured and Bozarth and other members of courthouse security begin chest compressions on Perkins until OSF Healthcare (a.k.a. Sacred Heart Medical Center) ambulance personal and the Danville Fire Department arrive on scene. Perkins was transported by ambulance to OSF Healthcare emergency room and was pronounced dead at 10:34 a.m. Janesky was transported to OSF Heath Care to treat his injuries. Janesky suffered stab wounds to the eye, face, and neck. Janesky also suffered defensive wounds to his hands.
It was determined that Perkins was shot four times by Janesky. Perkins suffered multiple gunshot wounds of the right and left chest, mid abdomen, and right hand. All gunshot wound trajectories were front to back.
Based on the totality of the circumstances, deadly force was justified. The entire encounter was captured on security video. As soon as Perkins was let out of the bathroom he began his attack on Janesky. Perkins continued to physically fight with Janesky and used several different weapons to stab Janesky in the eye, face and neck. Additionally, Perkins removed Janesky's taser and pointed it at Janesky. At that point it was reasonable for Janeksy to believe Perkins was armed and was attempting to cause his death or cause great bodily harm. Under Illinois law, found at 720 ILCS 5/7-1 and 5/7-5, Deputy Kyle Janesky was justified in the use of deadly force based upon a reasonable belief that it was necessary to prevent death or geat bodily harm to Daryl Perkins Officer Involved Shooting— #19-39121300020, page three
himself or other deputies, courthouse employees, and the public. The actions by Deputy Kyle Janesky in using deadly force were therefore justified in response to the actions of Perkins on August 23, 2019.
Therefore, the based upon all the information contained in the investigation, I consider the matter to be closed and no charges will be filed.


Hoopeston Police Department Report 10/4-10/5


FIRE CALL                                                                 

Time:          9:59am

Location:    Maple Grade School  500 4th Street

Details:       HFD was dispatched for a fire alarm activation. HFD located a faulty heat detector.                The children was moved to St Anthony’s. There was no injuries.


Found Bicycle

Location:    300 blk N 3rd St

Details:       A red girl’s bike was found in the area of the above.  The owner can identify and

                   claim at HPD.



Warrant Arrest             H19-5466

Time:          11:35pm

Location:    301 W. Main St

Arrested:     George K. Carswell (54) of Hoopeston

Details:       Carswell came to HPD to turn himself in on his active Vermilion County Warrant.

                   Carswell posted the appropriate bond and was released with a new court date. 


Hoopeston Police Department Report 10/4/19

Traffic Accident                    H19-5414

Time:           16:01

Location:     Hoopeston High School

Unit 1:         2007 Hummer driven by Maurcio Gonzalez (M)(18) of Hoopeston

Unit 2:         2012 Chevy Malibu driven by Madalyne Goble(F)(18) of Hoopeston

Details:        Unit 2 was driving west on the parking lot of Hoopeston High School. Unit 1 backed out of a parking spot striking the front driver’s side of Unit 2 at the rear passenger side of vehicle. All parties insured no tow required.


USDA Invests 11 Million to Research for Specialty Crop Farmers

USDA Invests $11M In Research That Will Support Specialty Crop Farmers

WASHINGTON, Oct. 3, 2019 – U.S. Department of Agriculture Deputy Under Secretary Scott Hutchins announced today that the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) has invested $11 million in research that will support specialty crop farmers.


“This collaborative public-private research effort will focus on applying innovative solutions to pest management problems that often are otherwise not available to specialty crop farmers,” said Hutchins, who leads USDA’s Research, Education and Economics (REE) mission area. “Practical and economic crop management solutions may make all the difference between thriving and just surviving financially during the growing season.”


This investment is made through the Minor Crop Pest Management Program (known as the Interregional Research Project, IR-4). The IR-4 program enables crop protection technology often designed for field crops, but equally safe, effective and economical for growers of minor/specialty crops—including fruits and vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits, horticulture, and nursery crops (including floriculture) – to be evaluated and registered for use.


As part of this funding investment, four universities across different U.S. growing regions will lead regional IR-4 programs that will generate additional data for registration of conventional and bio-based crop protection technology for specialty and minor crops in the United States. These efforts require effective collaborations among grower organizations, federal agencies, the private sector, and land-grant colleges and universities.


NIFA’s Pest Management Programs invest in research that supports integrated pest management strategies, including coordinating the use of pest biology, environmental information, and available technology to prevent unacceptable levels of pest damage by the most economical means, while minimizing risk to people, property, resources, and the environment.


A 2017 Michigan State University Center for Economic Analysis study (PDF, 640 KB) concluded that “IR-4’s partnership with agriculture has contributed to 95,261 jobs with a total labor income of $5.6 billion, and annual contributions to the gross domestic product totaling about $9.4 billion.”


A list of the four universities (five awards total) and their research projects is available on the NIFA website.


Hoopeston Police Department Report 10/3/19


Time:          12:36pm

Location:    600 Blk East McNeil

Details:       HPD was dispatched on October 1st to the above location after the resident found damage to his garage entry door. At this time, nothing was taken. HPD continues to investigate.





Resisting Arrest, Aggravated Battery to Police Officer                 H19-5402

Time:                 6:15 pm

Location:            Hoopeston Police Department

Arrested:            Katelynn Drake (F) (24) of Rossville

Details:              Officers responded to a call at HPD about the above female causing

problems. During that time the above became unruly. She was arrested and                later taken to Public Safety Building to await arraignment.




Traffic Accident                                 H19-5375

Date and Time:         10/01/2019 5:57pm

Location:   200 block of E Main St.

Unit 1:       2010 Hyundai driven by Esther Kacmas (F) (39)of Lebanon, IN

Unit 2:       2014 Dodge Pickup parked and owned by Michael Webb (M) (56) of Hoopeston

Details:      Unit 2 was parked on the south side of Main St. Unit 1 was backing out of the parking spots on the north side of the street and struck unit 2. No injuries, no tickets and both units had insurance.                                                         


OSF HealthCare and Health Alliance join forces

(Champaign, Ill. | Oct. 1, 2019) — OSF HealthCare and Health Alliance are entering a unique partnership to offer new Medicare Advantage health plans for Medicare beneficiaries in 17 central and northern Illinois counties. These plans are designed to further elevate health care and coverage, while serving the specific needs of patients throughout the state.


These OSF MedAdvantage plans will offer benefits such as free virtual visits, wellness benefits and no- or low-cost medications. The benefits are intended to serve the whole person, and also include dental, hearing and vision.


“To best serve Health Alliance communities, we continually evaluate partnerships and relationships with other organizations focused on the right care at the right time for patients. The partnership between OSF HealthCare and Health Alliance Medicare means our members will have even more options for receiving trusted care from the doctors and care teams they know,” said Jana Perry, Health Alliance vice president of Strategy and Marketing.


As Health Alliance grows, it remains committed to providing consumer-focused and integrated care by ensuring alignment with best practice. Affiliation with a provider-led health plan gives patients a simpler, more coordinated health care experience.


“The elevated arrangement between OSF HealthCare and Health Alliance Medicare is good for patients and their families, and good for both organizations,” said Bob Sehring, CEO, OSF HealthCare. “The 142 years of experience at OSF HealthCare fits well with the coverage expertise of member-focused Health Alliance. Together we will keep our communities healthy.”


The new partnership impacts 2020 coverage options for Medicare beneficiaries in Boone, Bureau, De Witt, Henderson, Henry, Knox, La Salle, Livingston, McLean, Marshall, Peoria, Putnam, Stark, Tazewell, Warren, Winnebago and Woodford counties. Medicare beneficiaries in these counties will be eligible to sign up for one of four new Medicare Advantage health plans through OSF MedAdvantage beginning October 15, 2019.


Medicare beneficiaries who wish to learn more about new coverage options may attend a free learning event at the location of their choosing. Numerous events will be held across impacted communities throughout October, November, and December. A complete schedule of free learning events, along with plan details is available now at


College Changes Everything Month


ISAC and Statewide Partners to Offer Free Support Throughout the Fall to Students and Families Navigating the College Application and Financial Aid Process


CHICAGO – Students and families are encouraged to take full advantage of the free financial aid and postsecondary planning resources available in their communities as part of College Changes Everything® (CCE) Month this October.  Launched by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) four years ago to support students and families who are completing their college applications and financial aid forms at the same time, ISAC is extending support for the CCE campaign to provide, with its partners, free workshops and activities throughout the entire fall.


“The fall is a busy and stressful time for students and families as they embark on a new school year, explore options for education and training after high school, and navigate the financial aid process all at once,” said Eric Zarnikow, executive director of ISAC. “What many families might not know is that there is free, expert support available throughout the state from high schools, ISAC, and community partners to help students make more informed postsecondary choices and access the financial aid for which they might be eligible. Whether a student is considering vocational training or is interested in a two or a four-year degree, there is free assistance available to help them.”

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®), the form that determines eligibility for federal and some state and institutional financial aid, becomes available on October 1st for the 2020-21 school year. Because some state aid, such as the Monetary Award Program (MAP grant) is awarded on a first come, first-served basis, students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA as soon as possible to have the opportunity to receive all the financial aid for which they might be eligible.


Between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, CCE activities will include free FAFSA completion and college application workshops, where students and families can fill out college applications and/or complete their FAFSAs right then and there, with direct assistance from college and financial aid experts. Almost 300 high schools in 215 towns and cities in Illinois have scheduled a college application and/or FAFSA Completion Workshop this fall, with more being scheduled every week. Students and parents can check directly with their high schools for events within their own school. Workshops will also be offered at public locations throughout Illinois, supported by the college and financial aid experts at ISAC and their partners.  Visit studentportal/ to search by zip code for a free public event near you.


Those planning to attend a FAFSA Completion Workshop can check out this handy list of what to bring to the event

Many statewide workshops are hosted or supported by the ISACorps, recent college graduates who are extensively trained to serve as near peer mentors to high school students navigating the college and financial aid process. The ISACorps also provide free one-on-one assistance to students and families. To find your local ISACorps member, visit


Additionally, ISAC will be hosting and providing answers to college-going and financial aid questions during Facebook Live (@ILStudentAssistance) events every Wednesday from Sept. 11 - Oct. 9 and every Thursday from Oct. 3 - Nov. 21 from 7-7:30 pm CST. Personalized assistance is also available through ISAC College Q&A (, a free text messaging service where students can get answers to their college and financial aid questions sent directly to their phones. The award-winning ISAC Student Portal ( offers free online tools and resources for students, as well as short videos about college and financial aid. ISAC also offers assistance through the agency’s call center, 1-800-899-4722 (ISAC), and its Online Chat service.


ISAC supports high schools and counselors who would like to participate in CCE fall activities with a downloadable toolkit, materials and event support. Find out more at


About ISAC
The mission of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) is to help make college accessible and affordable for students throughout Illinois. ISAC provides comprehensive, objective, and timely information on education and financial aid for students and their families—giving them access to the tools they need to make the educational choices that are right for them. Then, through the state scholarship and grant programs ISAC administers, ISAC can help students make those choices a reality. Find us at and follow us on Facebook @ILStudentAssistance, Twitter and on Instagram @ISACfinaid.


About College Changes Everything
College Changes Everything® (CCE) is a college access movement that recognizes that college can be a life changing experience not only for students, but also for families and communities. In Illinois and across the nation, those who obtain education beyond high school not only see a significant impact on their potential career prospects and future salary, but also change levels of poverty, life expectancy, crime and obesity rates in their communities. CCE is an essential part of helping Illinois reach its goal of increasing the proportion of adults in the state with high quality degrees or credentials to 60% by 2025. Find out more and join the conversation at



Iroquois County Sheriff's Police 10/1/19

On September 27th, 2019 Iroqious County Sheriff's Police arrested Dale T. Mullins, age 38, of Ashkum. According to police reports, Dale was arrested for Aggrevated Domestic Battery. He was transported to the Iroquois County Jail where he posted the required bond and was released.  


On September 29th, 2019 Iroquois County Sheriff's Police arrested Travis H. Creveling, age 27, of Buckley. According to poilice reports, Travis was arrested for Fleeing and driving while license revoked. He was transported to the Iroquois County Jail where he posted the required bond and was released.


On September 30th, 2019 Iroquois County Sheriff's Police arrested Savannah Bell, age 19, of Kankakee. According to police reports, Savannah was wanted on an outstanding Kankakee County warrant, charging her with contempt of court. She was transported to the Iroquois County Jail where she remains in lieu of bond.


On September 30th, 2019 Iroquois County Sheriff's Police arrested Juan Perez, age 22, of Gilman. According to police reports, Juan was arrested for Theft between $10,000-$100,000. Juan was transported to the Iroquois County Jail where he remains in lieu of bond


Hoopeston Police Department Report 10/1/19

Time:          12:11 pm

Location:    300 block W Maple Street

Details:       Resident came home to a strong odor of natural gas in the home.  After shutting off the cook stove they called HPD to have HFD respond to the scene. 



Possession of Cannabis and Drug Paraphernalia                H19-5357

Time:            6:03 pm

Location:      800 block of S Dixie Hwy.

Arrested:       Kayla Petty (F)(25) from Hoopeston

Details:         HPD responded to the above location for a retail theft report. Officers made contact with Petty once on scene. Petty was found to be in possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. She was transported to HPD, proceed and later released on an NTA for the above charges.


Hoopeston Police investigate Burglaries

Fire Call                                                                        

Time:          3:11am

Location:    E. 4000 North Rd/N. 1500 East Rd

Details:       HFD was dispatched to the above in reference to a train on the tracks with the engine on fire.



BURGLARY                                                                H19-5316

Time:          04:27am              

Location:    Hennings Root Beer Stand 411 S Dixie Highway

Details:       HPD was dispatched to the business for a burglary report when the employee arrived on the scene and discovered the cash register on the floor. Officers found a broken window where the suspect(s) made entry. HPD is continuing the investigation.



CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO PROPERTY                    H19-5318

Time:          09:29am

Location:    1 McFerren Park / Miniature Golf Building

Details:       HPD was dispatched for an attempted burglary after the building owner found damage to the windows. HPD is continuing the investigation.




Time:          10:56am

Location:    1 McFerren Park / Girl Scout Building

Details:       HPD was dispatched for a burglary after the City Maintenance employee found a door ajar. Officer found parts of the building damaged and the building was entered. HPD is continuing the investigation.









Burglary                      H19-5309

Date and Time:            09/28/2019 7:14 P.M.

Location:                     300 block of W Elm

Details:                        HPD was dispatched to the above location for a burglary report.

                          Investigation continues




Battery (City Ordinance)       H19-5328

Time:          4:00pm

Location:    115 E. Orange St (Casey’s)

Arrested:     Jeffrey Uppinghouse (57) of Hoopeston

Details:       Officers were dispatched to the above in reference to Uppinghouse on scene causing problems and throwing change at the complainant. Uppinghouse was later located, and given a NTA in Hoopeston City Court.



Driving While License Suspended; Wanted on Warrant                 H19-5340

Time:          8:59pm

Location:    Thompson Ave/6th Ave

Arrested:     Jessica Cabrales (39) of Danville

Details:       While on a traffic stop a computer check revealed the above subject to have a suspended license and an active warrant out of Vermilion County (18TR01228)

                   Cabrales was taken to HPD, processed and was later released with a court date after providing the appropriate bond.


Hoopeston Police Department Report 9/29/19

Warrant Arrest                       H19-5299

Time:          12:32

Location:    Parkview Court

Arrested:     Jacky A Coffey (M) (45) from Hoopeston

Details:       Officers checked out at the above in an attempt to locate Coffey who was known to have an active warrant out of Vermilion County. Coffey was located, and taken to HPD, where he was processed and later transported to the PSB.




Ordinance Violations                                 H19-5307

Time:          6:53 P.M.

Location:    100 Block of West Main St

Arrested:     Michael J. Cox (M) (43) from Hoopeston

Details:       Officer stopped the above named person for not having a light on his bicycle.

During the stop drug paraphernalia was located on the subject. Subject was taken     to HPD and later released with a notice.


Hoopeston Police Department Report 9/28/19


Possession of Methamphetamines, Operating an Uninsured Vehicle        H19-5286

Time:          7:47pm

Location:    400 blk W Elm St

Arrested:     Greg Phillips (M) (29) from Alvin

Details:       HPD officers stopped the vehicle that Mr. Phillips was driving for a traffic

                   violation.  Upon investigation, subject was arrested for possession of

                   methamphetamines and was taken to HPD.  He was processed and later

                   transported to the PSB in Danville to await arraignment.



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