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WHPO Blog Archives for 2019-01

Hoopeston Police Department Report 1/31/19


Disobeying Police (NTA)                  H19-0470

Date:           01/29/2019

Time:          21:17hrs

Location:    1000 blk W. Orange St.

Cited:          Kyle Justice (19) of Hoopeston

Details:       Officers responded to the above location in reference to a domestic disturbance. After talking to all parties, it was determined that Justice had disobeyed direct police orders given to him the day before. He was arrested for the above charge and transported to HPD where he was processed and released with a court date.


• Hoopeston City Hall is open as a warming center from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Today and Thursday.

 • Youth bowling at Fast Lanes is canceled Wednesday.

• Hoopeston Public Library will be closed

• Vermilion County Courthouse and offices will be closed Wednesday.

Iroquois County Courthouse and offices will be closed today and Thursday

• Grant-Butler Township Assessor’s office will be closed Wednesday.

 • Republic Services will not have garbage pickup on Wednesday. Collection will run one day late the rest of the week.

• Hoopeston Multi Agency will be closed Wednesday. There is no bus service

The Vermilion County Conservation District has made the decision to close the parks on Wednesday

The USPS is not delivering mail to homes locally, however the retail window is open

SOS offices are closed today

 the CRIS Healthy-Aging Center will be closed Wednesday and the Senior Center is canceled.

 CRIS Rural Mass Transit District is canceling general transit service to rural areas of Vermilion County for Wednesday.



Hoopeston Police Department Report 1/30/19

Dog Owners Duties

Time:                    6:30 PM

Date:                    January 28, 2019

Location:              600 block E Wyman Avenue

Cited:                   John C Seiters (M) (58) of Hoopeston

Details:                 Hoopeston Animal Control was contacted reference to a dog that had showed up on their door step crying in pain.    Dog belonged to the cited person, who let his dog outside, off leash and it became confused.  



Domestic Battery           H19-0468             V19-0771

Time:                    6:43pm

Location:              701 E. Orange St   (Hoopeston ER)

Arrested:              Alexis R. Mays (25) of Hoopeston

Details:                 Officers were called to the above in reference to a domestic disturbance in progress. Mays was taken to HPD, charged with the above, processed and later transported to the PSB


Fire Call

Time:                    9:24pm

Location:              1022 W. Penn St (Casey’s)

Details:                 HFD was dispatched to the above in reference the smell of gas.

Hoopeston Police Department Report 1/27-1/28/19

Possession of Controlled Substance, Driving While License Revoked, Operating

          Uninsured Vehicle                            H19-0425             V19-0705

Time:          1:08am

Location:    400 blk E Penn St

Arrested:     Brandi Warner (29) (F) of Wellington

Details:       HPD stopped the vehicle that Ms. Warner was driving for a traffic violation. 

                   A computer check revealed that she had a revoked driver’s license.  Subject

                   was arrested and taken to HPD to be processed.  She was later transported to

                   the PSB in Danville.



Warrant Arrest, Resisting Arrest                        H19-0426             V19-0706

Time:          1:45am

Location:    600 blk E Wyman

Arrested:     17 year old juvenile

Details:       HPD received a call that the juvenile had a warrant and was in the area.  A

                   computer check revealed that subject had an outstanding Department of

                   Corrections warrant and was arrested.  Subject was taken to HPD, processed

                   and transported to the Juvenile Detention Center in Danville.


Fire Call

Time:          11:41pm

Location:    600 blk S 7th St

Details:       HFD, HPD and Arrow Ambulance was dispatched to smoke inside of a structure.

                   No injuries were reported and fire was contained to the basement. 



Warrant Arrest

Time:          9:51 am

Location:    615 W Elm St

Arrested:     Chad Baker (44) (M) of Hoopeston

Details:       Officers checked the above location in an attempt to locate Baker, who was known

                   to have an active warrant through Vermilion County.  Baker was taken to HPD, 

                   where he was processed and later transported to the PSB.

Hoopeston Police Department Report 1/25/19

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT (PD)                     H19-0375

Time:                    0752 AM

Location:              N. 9th Ave/W. McCracken Av.

Unit 1:                  2010 GMC Pickup Truck Driven by, Michael A Winters

(43) (M) of Hoopeston

Unit 2:                  2005 Jeep Driven By, Asti L Scharlach (17) (F) of Hoopeston

Details:       At the above time, HPD was notified of an accident and was requested to respond.

No Injuries reported at the time of report, No Tickets issued, Unit 1 towed by Paul’s, Unit 2 towed by Knuth’s.  Both Units insured.   



Traffic Accident (PD)                       H19-0382

Time:          2:59pm

Location:    600 blk W Main St.

Unit #1:       2016 Ford Fusion parked and unoccupied, owned by Brenda Weston of Rossville

Unit #2:       2004 Bluebird Bus driven by Angelique Jerome, owned by Hoopeston Area School

Details:       Unit #2 was pulling into the bus loop when it struck Unit #1, which was parked in

                   a yellow no parking zone that was obscured by snow.  No injuries were reported,

                   no tickets were issued and both parties were insured.  No children were on the bus

                   at the time of the accident.

Hoopeston Police Department Report 1/23/19

Traffic Accident (PD)                       H19-0350

Time:          10:32 AM

Location:              E Penn Street/S Market Street

Unit 1:                  2017 John Deere 444K End loader driven by

James A Prather (M)(51) of Hoopeston

Unit 2:                  2018 Chevy Impala driven by Emily A Gernand (F) (35) of Potomac

Details:                 HPD responding to the scene of an accident that occurred on the corner.  Unit 1 struck unit 2, all units insured, no injuries, and both units driven away. 




Traffic Accident (PD)                       H19-0352

Time:          3:21 pm

Location:              W Penn Street/S 4th Avenue  

Unit 1:                  2012 Jeep Wagon driven by Kari N Bernard (33) (F) of Hoopeston  

Unit 2:                  2006 Mercury driven by Robert L Simpson (M) (71) of Hoopeston

Details:                 HPD was request to meet with both parties on the lot of City Hall reference to a crash investigation.   Both units were drivable, no injuries reported, both units insured.   Unit 1 at fault failure to yield. 

Hoopeston Police Department Report 1/21/19

Possession of Cannabis (city ordinance)                       H19-0331

Time:          2:14am

Location:    800 blk S Dixie Hwy

Arrested:     Alex Funk (19) (M) of Hoopeston

Details:       HPD officers checked out with the vehicle that Mr. Funk was a passenger in.

                   Upon investigation, a bag of cannabis was found in subject’s possession.  He

                   was arrested and taken to HPD to be processed.  He was later released with a

                   city citation and city court date.

Hoopeston Police Department Report 1/20/19


Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (city ordinance)                         H19-0330

Time:          11:32pm

Location:    4th Av/W Washington

Arrested:     Kyle Douglas (31)(M) of Alvin

Details:       HPD officers performed a traffic stop on the vehicle Mr. Douglas was a passenger

                   of for a traffic violation.  Subject was found to have drug paraphernalia on his

                   person.  He was arrested and taken to HPD for processing.  He was later released

                   with a city citation and city court date.

Hoopeston Police Department Report 1/18 & 1/19/19

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT (PD)                     H19-0274

Time:                    07:59 am

Location:              N 4th Street/E McCracken Avenue

Unit 1:                  2006 Chevy driven by Sherry Klemme (F) (58) of Hoopeston

Unit 2:                  2002 Chevy driven by Kristi K DeWitt (F) (48) of Hoopeston

Details:                 Hoopeston Police responded to investigate an accident that occurred.

Both units are insured Unit 2 had to be towed from scene by Paul’s, Unit 1 was driven away.  No report of injuries.  



Traffic Accident            H19-0282

Time:                    4:16pm

Location:              Orange St/Market St

Unit #1:                2018 Toyota driven by Gary Miller of Williamsport IN

Unit #2:                2005 GMC Carryall driven by Arturo Rebollo

Details:                 Unit #2 was traveling E bound on Orange St. Unit #2 failed to yield while traveling S. bound, striking Unit #2. No injuries reported. No citations issued. Both units insured.


Accident (Property Damage)           H19-0299

Time:          17:07

Location:    Orange/Market

Unit #1:       1996 Ford F150 driven by Tristan Vaughn (22) of Hoopeston

Unit #2:       2015 GMC driven by Brittany Cornell (31) of Hoopeston

Details:       Unit #2 turned onto Orange St. going eastbound when it was struck in the rear by Unit #1. Unit #1 ticketed for no valid insurance. Unit #1 towed from the scene. No injuries.

Hoopeston Police Department Report 1/16/19

Traffic Accident                      H19-0243

Time:          08:10AM

Location:    819 S 6th Avenue Hoopeston

Unit 1:         2003 Chevy Suburban driven by Daniel Anthony Colunga (M) (17) Hoopeston

Unit 2:         2004 Pontiac GA driven by Bailey M Crose (M) (20) of Hoopeston

Details:        Unit 2 was south bound at the stop sign of South 6th Avenue & W Orange Street when Unit 1 struck the victim vehicle.  Both Units Insured, No Injuries, No Citations, Both units were driven away.   




Endangering the Life/Health of a Child              H19-0254

Time:          6:50pm

Location:    800 block of E. Seminary         

Arrested:     Haley Edwards (22) of Hoopeston

Details:       Officers were called to the above location in reference to a welfare check of juveniles in the residence. After an investigation Edwards was charged with the above and transported to HPD, where she was processed and later released with a notice to appear.

Hoopeston Police Department Report 1/15/19

Restraint of Dog by Owner

Date of Offense:    January 12, 2019

Cited Owner:        Brandon Grills (M) (18) of Hoopeston

Location:               600 block of E Wyman Avenue

Details:                 2 dogs belonging to the cited person were being allowed to run free.  Subject sent a Notice to Appear to come to City Court. 

Hoopeston Police Department Report 1/12/19

Driving While License Suspended, Operating Vehicle with Expired Registration


Time:          5:49pm

Location:    1st Av/Main St

Arrested:     Charles Jones (41) (M) of Rantoul

Details:       HPD officers stopped the vehicle Mr. Jones was driving for a traffic violation.

                   A computer check revealed that subject had a suspended driver’s license.  He was

                   arrested and taken to HPD to be processed.  He was later released after posting

                   bond and given traffic citations and traffic court date.


Traffic Accident                                H19-0227

Time:          11:51pm

Location:    Seminary/8th St

Unit #1:       2011 Ford Focus driven by Terrance Irvin (M) of Hoopeston

Unit #2:       Fence

Details:       Driver of Unit #1 backed into the fence at the above location.  No injuries

                   were reported.  The driver was cited for operating uninsured vehicle.

Hoopeston Police Department Report 1/6/19

Vermilion County Warrant      H19-0095

Time:                    1:49am

Location:              900 blk S Dixie Hwy

Arrested:              Narvita R Johnson (28) of Danville

Details:                 During a routine traffic stop, a computer check revealed the driver

                             to have an outstanding Vermilioin county warrant 18SC784 for

                             FTA/To show cause.  She was transported to HPD where she posted

                             bond and was released.


Battery                                             H19-0097

Time:                          4:53am

Location:                   700 blk E Wyman

Complainant:           24 year old Hoopeston male

Arrested:                  Arizona Sky Harwood (22) of Watseka

Details:                      Officers responded to the above location for a fight in progress.

                                    After investigation, Harwood was taken into custody and charged

                                    with Battery.  She was transported to HPD where she was issued

                                    a NTA in Hoopeston City Court.


Burglary                                           H19-108

Time:                          8:06pm

Location:                   426 E Honeywell Ave

Complainant:           24 year old Hoopeston male

Details:                      Officers responded to the residence, male complainant advised entry was gained to the residence and money was stolen.


Hoopeston Police Department Report 1/5/19

Wanted on Warrant               H18-0093             V19-0159

Time:                    11:49pm

Location:              600 block of E. McNeil

Arrested:              Jessica Stipp (37) of Hoopeston

Details:                 Officers checked out at the above location in an attempt to locate Stipp, who was known to have an active warrant through Vermilion County. Stipp was taken to HPD, where she was processed and later transported to the PSB.

Vermilion County Coroner releases name of 29 year old found in a Danville Hotel

            The Vermilion County Coroner Jane McFadden has identified the decedent found in a local hotel yesterday, January 3, 2019 as Tara M. Jackson, 29 years-of-age. Ms. Jackson was from St. Joseph, Illinois.


     Vermilion County Coroner Jane McFadden stated that Ms. Jackson’s family has been notified.  An autopsy was being conducted and the final results are not available at this time.    The Danville Police Department and the Vermilion County Coroner’s Office continue to investigate.  

Hoopeston Police Department Report 1/4/19


Theft (Under)                H19-0070

Time:                    7:30pm

Location:              415 S. Dixie Hwy (Dollar General)

Arrested:              Amelia Young (22) of Hoopeston

Details:                 Officers were called to the above in reference to a theft that had just occurred. Young was later located and taken to HPD, where she was processed and later released with a court date.



Accident (Hit & Run)             H19-0071

Time:                    7:54pm

Location:              400 block of S. 3rd St

Unit #1:                Unknown

Unit #2:                2002 Toyota Utility owned by Leah Mendez of Hoopeston

Details:                 Unit #2 was parked in the 400 block S. 3rd St. Unit #1 struck Unit #2 in the driver side and then left the scene. No injuries reported. No citations issued. Unit #2 was insured.  

Hoopeston Police Department Report 1/3/19

Violation of Dog Owners Duties                

Time:          09:28 AM

Location:                800 Block E Seminary Avenue

Citation Issued:     Ashby, Jacqueline T (F) (47) of Hoopeston

Details:       at the above time, the owner of a dog failed to comply with dog owner duties medical care of Marley and mandatory veterinarian care.   The person was cited for Hoopeston City Court.

Hoopeston Police Department Report 1/2/19

Traffic Accident                               H19-0001

Time:          12:36am

Location:    101 W Main St, Tedd’s Home Beverage

Unit #1:       Unknown

Unit #2:       2001 Pontiac parked and unoccupied owned by Delores Frazier (38) of Hoopeston

Details:       Unit #1 backed into Unit #2 while parked at the above location and left the

                   scene.  Unit #2 was insured.  An investigation continues.



Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia   H18-0018

Time:          6:30pm

Location:    Main & 7th Avenue

Arrested #1: Alex J Winchester (18) of Hoopeston

Arrested #2: Jadyn G West (18) of Danville

Details:       During a traffic stop, a vehicle search revealed Cannabis and Paraphernalia.

                   Both subjects were taken to HPD where they were released with a

                   Notice To Appear in Hoopeston City Court


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