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WHPO Blog Archives for 2022-04

Vermilion County Man sentenced 40 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections

In May of last year, after a bench trial before the Honorable Nancy Fahey, Percy Freeman was found guilty of First Degree Murder and Aggravated Battery. At trial, Prosecutors presented evidence through Danville Police Officers and independent witnesses that on April 24, 2019, Freeman, along with other individuals, tracked the victim Roosevelt Anderson through the Fair Oaks housing complex. When Freeman and his cohorts captured Anderson, they struck him with their fists, pistol whipped him, and then shot him one time in the head. Vital evidence in the case included surveillance video obtained from the Vermilion County Housing Authority, which captured the fatal attack.

Yesterday, April 26, 2022, Freeman was sentenced by Judge Fahey to forty (40) years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. The sentence shall be served at 100 percent, and will be followed by three (3) years of Mandatory Supervised Release (i.e., Parole). Upon his release from imprisonment, Freeman will be required to register as a Murderer pursuant to the Illinois Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registration Act.

The Illinois Attorney General's Office prosecuted the case in cooperation with Vermilion County State's Attorney's Office. State's Attorney Jacqueline Lacy thanked the prosecution team and the Danville Police Department for their dedication to this investigation and ensuring the just resolution. She further noted that, "Criminals who insist on terrorizing our community will be held accountable and severely punished."

Hoopeston Police Report 4/28/22

Fire Call (Burning of Trash and Refuse) H22-1615

Time: 7:04pm

Location: 500 block of N 7th Ave.

Cited: Jeffery (M) (54) and Suzie Davis (F) (40) of Hoopeston

Details: HPD Came across an Illegal Burn and called for HFD. HFD put the fire out no injuries or damages were reported. Mr. and Mrs. Davis were cited for Burning of Trash and Refuse Restrictions and given a Notice to Appear in Hoopeston City Court.

National Day Of Prayer

National Day Of Prayer to be held on Thursday, May 5th, 2022 at Hoopeston City Hall.  Please joining us at Noon for Prayer around our Flag.  All Pastors are invited to offer Prayers.  Please contact Valarie Hinkle with any questions-  217-274-2956

Hoopeston Police Report 4/27/22

Fire Call (Medical Call Assist)

Time: 08:45 AM

Location: 400 block W Orange St

Details: HFD & HPD at the request of Arrow Ambulance responded to the report of a female unresponsive.


Warrant Arrest (VC 20CM252) H22-1597

Time: 12:12pm

Location: HPD 301 W Main St

Arrestee: Powers, Kristy L (F) (43) of Hoopeston

Details: At the above time and location, the arrestee presented herself to the Police Department on her Vermilion County Warrant. Bond Posted $150 cash and $ 75 FTA Fee. She was processed and released from custody with a new court date for Vermilion County Courthouse.


Fire Call (Medical Call Assist)

Time: 5:48PM

Location: 600 S 3rd Ave

Details: HFD at the request of Rossville Ambulance responded for a lift assist.


Fire Call (Smoke Alarm)

Time: 10:15pm

Location: 500 Block of Dice St.

Details: HFD was called to the above location for a smoke alarm going off inside the residents. Firefighters found no smoke or fire. They assisted in replacing the batteries in the smoke detector and cleared the scene.


Illinois State Police (ISP) announces the results of Project Safe Neighborhood (PSN) saturation details conducted from October 2021 to the present date.  During this period, ISP officers worked jointly with officers in several counties to include Peoria, Champaign, Hancock, Cass, Coles, Christian, Sangamon, Vermilion, and Moultrie.  Officers worked a total of 27 proactive saturation details. 


As a result of the details, 85 arrests were made, 199 warnings were issued, and 142 citations were issued. The arrests included charges of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse, Possession of Child Pornography, Possession of Methamphetamine, Internet Crimes Against Children, Unlawful Use of Weapons, Obstructing, Manufacture/Delivery of Cannabis, Possession of Controlled Substance, Aggravated Driving Under the Influence, Armed Violence, Driving While License Suspended, and several Wanted on Arrest Warrants.


Seized during the details were 12 guns, 1,725 grams of methamphetamine, 112,665 grams of cannabis, 15 LSD doses, 14 grams of cocaine, 5,311 grams of mushrooms, and two stolen vehicles.    

The goal of PSN details are to make neighborhoods safer by preventing criminal activity and removing guns, drugs, and violent criminals from the streets.


U.S. Attorney for the Central District of Illinois, Gregory K. Harris stated, “Implementation of the Illinois State Police Project Safe Neighborhood targeted enforcement patrols, in partnership with local law enforcement agencies, has and continues to be effective in removing individuals from our cities that are responsible for the increase in violence.  Continued enforcement by Illinois State Police, in collaboration and cooperation with local law enforcement agencies, not only increases public confidence in knowing that law enforcement is working together to make neighborhoods safe, but also, it increases the trust between law enforcement and the communities that they serve.”


Funding for Project Safe Neighborhood is provided for by grants through the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Hoopeston Police Report 4/25/2022

Warrant Arrest H22-1518 2022-3222

Time: 12:43am

Location: 100 blk W Main St

Arrest: John Morris (29) (M) of Hoopeston

Details: HPD officers checked out with Mr. Morris. A computer check revealed he had an outstanding Champaign County warrant. He was arrested and taken to HPD to be

processed. He was later transported to the PSB in Danville to await extradition.



Warrant Arrest H22-1512 2022-3223

Time: 1:23am

Location: S Dixie Hwy/W Penn St

Arrested: Randy Dillon (39) (M) of Hoopeston

Details: HPD officers checked out with Mr. Dillon knowing he had an outstanding Vermilion County warrant. He was arrested and taken to HPD to be processed. He was later transported to the PSB in Danville in lieu of bond.



Arson of Real Property H22-1510

Time: 11:47 pm

Location: 217 E Main St Commercial Building

Arrested: Spivey, Stephen Tyler (M) (33) of Hoopeston

Details: State Fire Marshall, HPD, HFD, all working in conjunction where able to obtain information that led to the arrestee being located. Arrestee was transported to HPD and later transferred to PSB Danville to await arraignment before a judge on the above charge.


Fire Call

Time: 2:30PM

Location: 600 blk of E McCracken Ave

Details: HFD and HPD were dispatched to the above location for a rekindle of fire.


Criminal Damage to Government Supported Property H22-1567 2022-3292

Time: 11:17pm

Location: 500 S 6th Av, Parkview Court

Complainant: 24 year old Hoopeston female

Arrested: Christopher Billingsley (27) (M) of Hoopeston

Details: HPD officers were called to the area for a domestic disturbance. Mr. Billingsley was later located and arrested. He was taken to HPD to be processed and later transported to the PSB in Danville to await arraignment.

Hoopeston Police Report 4/22/22

Structure Fire

Time: 12:27am

Location: 600 blk E McCracken

Details: HFD and HPD were called to the area in reference to a residence on fire. The residence

was unoccupied and firefighters extinguished the fire. An investigation continues.



Criminal Damage to Property H22-1488

Time: 07:08 AM

Location: 303 ½ E Main St. Commercial Building

Details: HPD was contacted reference to possible damage to the double doors leading to the upstairs part of the structure. Report was done. Owner is unable to be confirmed at this time.


Structure Fire

Time: Midnight

Location: 200 blk E Main St

Details: HFD and HPD were called to the area in reference to an abandoned property on fire.

The building was unoccupied and firefighters extinguished the fire quickly due to a

fast response. An investigation continues

Hoopeston Police Report 4/21/22

Retail Theft Under $300 H22-1477

Time: 1:30pm

Date Occurred: 4/19/2022

Date Arrested: 4/20/2022

Location: 516 N Dixie Highway (Olympic Hardware)

Arrested: Stephen T Spivey (M) (33) of Hoopeston

Details: HPD was called to the above location in reference to retail theft. Mr. Spivey was identified on camera and was later found in possession of the stolen item. Mr. Spivey was transported to HPD where he was processed and later released with notice to appear in Vermilion County Court.


Criminal Trespass to State Supported Land H22-1435

Time: 11:42pm

Date Occurred: 4/16/2022

Date Arrested: 4/20/2022

Location: 426 E Honeywell Ave (Centennial Manor)

Arrested: Blake M Meehan (M) (21) of Hoopeston

Details: HPD was called to the above address for Mr. Meehan being on the property after he was banned from that property. At the time of the call Mr. Meehan had already left but was seen on video being inside the building. On 4/20/2022 at approximately 2:44pm Mr. Meehan was located and transported to HPD where he was processed and later released with a notice to appear in Vermilion County Court.

Hoopeston Police Report 4/20/22

Fire Call

Date of Call: 4-18-2022

Time of Call: 11:23 AM

Location: 500 block E Main St.

Details: HFD and HPD responded to report of a fire in the residence. There was a blanket on fire which was brought outside and extinguished.

Choir Joins Symphony for April 30 Concert

The Danville Symphony Orchestra is teaming up with the Danville Children’s Choir for the “Stars of the Silver Screen” concert on Sat., Apr. 30 at the Fischer Theatre. The program includes music from famous movies like the Harry Potter series, To Kill a Mockingbird, Gone with the Wind, Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, and Danny Elfman’s Batman.

Jeremy Swerling returns as the DSO maestro along with an orchestra comprised of some of the region’s top musicians.

For the children’s chorus, Brent Lockhart is leading students from Northeast Elementary School in the song “When You Believe” from Disney’s Prince of Egypt. Marty Lindvahl will direct the children in singing and dancing to music from The Lion King.

A 34-year music educator, Ms. Lindvahl has enjoyed an illustrious career conducting show choirs and musical groups throughout the Midwest, including the Danville Barbershop Chorus. She is also the featured vocalist for the popular jazz band, Doc Ashton and the Root Canals.

Ms. Lindvahl says that the children are eager to perform in this concert, which the pandemic had delayed for two years. “They’re certainly excited about The Lion King’s music and the opportunity to perform on the Fischer stage with the orchestra,” she says. “The audience will experience the enormous amount of energy and electricity that the children’s choir brings to their performances, but especially so now after they had to wait since 2020 to be able to perform in this concert.”

The 7:30 p.m. concert has nearly sold out, but some tickets remain on the main floor and balcony for $35. Students with a valid ID can buy tickets for $10.

Hoopeston Police Report 04/18/2022


Time: 09:21

Location: 200 Blk W Elm St

Details: HPD called to above reference visitation. The subjs have paperwork amongst themselves but nothing signed by a judge. An informational report was filed.



Fire Call

Time: 9:46PM

Location: 500 blk of W Main St

Details: HPD and HFD were dispatched to the above location for a house on fire. No injuries were reported. HFD Also requested assistance from Rossville Fire and Rankin and East Lynn Fire



Time: 09:08

Location: 200 Blk S Dixie Highway

Arrested: Marty J Fink (68) (M) from Hoopeston

Details: HPD called to above after Mr. Fink was seen taking items from the above location. The caller witnessed Mr. Fink leaving with the items and chased after him. Mr. Fink supposedly went after the subj with a hatchet. Officer located Mr. Fink and took him into custody. The items were located and returned to the property owner. Mr. Fink was released after he received some city citations.

Hoopeston Police Report 4/14/22

Domestic Battery H22-1332 2022-2969

Date/Time Occurred:4/10/22 10:22pm

Date/Time Arrested: 4/13/22 2:08am

Complainant: 41 year old Hoopeston female

Arrested: Joseph Cannon (M) (49) of Hoopeston

Details: On 4/10/22, HPD officers took a report for domestic battery. On 4/13/22, HPD officers found Mr. Cannon and arrested him on the charges. He was taken directly to the PSB in Danville to await arraignment.

Central Illinois Land Bank Authority awards contract to demolish 6 Hoopeston properties

The Central Illinois Land Bank Authority (CILBA) awarded a $78,500 contract to Lee Farms Excavating to demolish 6 residential properties in Hoopeston over the next few weeks. This builds off the twelve demolitions that CILBA did throughout Vermilion County last Fall – four of those properties were located in Hoopeston. The demolition work is being funded through a $125,000 Illinois Housing Development Authority Strong Communities Program grant, a $100,000 matching grant from the Hoopeston Retirement Village Foundation, and a $50,000 match from the City of Hoopeston.


Bill Nicholls, who is a Board member of the land bank and the Hoopeston Retirement Village Foundation, said “the foundation was excited to provide matching funds on the state grant so CILBA could scale up their demolition work locally. This is a great example of collaboration where the land bank wrote that state grant for Hoopeston and that was matched by a local foundation and the City. The land Bank has also been a great resource for technical and legal assistance that the smaller communities don't have access to.” CILBA is excited to have over $250k,000 to really move the needle on much needed demolitions in Hoopeston.


The following 6 properties are being demolished by the land bank: 320 Front Street, 322 Front Street, 520 E Honeywell, 210 E Washington, 406 E Thompson, and 908 W Washington. Two of the properties were donated to the land bank, two were purchased from the County Trustee, and another two required nine months of legal work to obtain the property title.


Kellie Ferrell, a Hoopeston City Councilor, said “the land bank has been a great resource in tackling some eyesore properties that were top priorities for the City. We’re thrilled with this land bank partnership and excited to keep the work going – CILBA has already identified the next batch of 4 properties to be demolished.”


Over the last two years, CILBA has raise over $500k for demolition work throughout Vermilion County. Besides the Hoopeston demolitions, the land bank also wrote grant applications for Georgetown, Rankin, Ridge Farm and Westville. Each community received a $45,000 grant from Illinois Housing Development Authority Strong Communities Program that will be administered by the land bank.

Hoopeston Police Report 4/13/2022

Fire Call

Time: 8:43am

Location: 102 N 1st Ave KBA Limited

Details: HFD and HPD responded to the report of the railroad ties on fire again. The Fire was out again and HFD cleared.


Warrant Arrest H22-1374 2022-2965

Time: 10:48pm

Location: 100 blk E Main St

Arrested: Joseph Hart (36) (M) of Hoopeston

Details: HPD officers responded to the area for a suspicious person. A computer check revealed Mr. Hart had 2 outstanding Vermilion County warrants. He was arrested and taken to HPD to be processed. He was later transported to the PSB in Danville in lieu on bond by a VCSO Deputy.

Hoopeston Thompson Avenue Project update

Cross Construction, Inc. of Urbana Illinois was awarded the Thompson Avenue project in the City of Hoopeston on March 29, 2022 by the Illinois Department of Transportation for $993,593.15 (Contract 91612). Cross Construction plans to start construction on April 20, 2022. The overall scope is the replacement of concrete curb and gutter and resurfacing. The roadway will remain open during construction, but at times reduced to one lane. Residents are urged to use caution while traveling Thompson Avenue. The project limits are from east of the CSX railroad crossing easterly to just east of 9th Street. The project is funded with a combination of Federal Highway, REBUILD Illinois, and Motor Fuel Tax funds. The project has 55 working days with an anticipated completion of work at the end of August. 

Hoopeston Police Report 4/12/22

Fire Call

Time: 11:15AM

Location: 102 N 1st Av, KBA Limited Properties

Details: HFD and HPD Responded to report of the railroad ties on fire. HFD arrived to railroad bed on fire. Fire was extinguished all units returned to service after clean up.


Fire Call

Time: 1:20pm

Location: 102 N 1st Av, KBA Limited Properties

Details: HFD responded to a flare up call of the RR Bed had re-ignited and hotter. HFD extinguished the fire again. All units cleared.


Domestic Battery, Criminal Damage to Auto (over $300) H22-1340 2022-2898

Time: 1:38pm

Location: 600 Block E Thompson Ave.

Arrested: Kaylynn L. Kruger (F) (34) of Hoopeston

Details: HPD Officers Responded to the report of a Senior Citizen being battered. Ms. Kruger was transported to HPD where she was processed and later taken to the PSB in Danville.


Disorderly Conduct (City Ordinance 9.16.010) H22-1344

Time: 3:50pm

Location: 200 Block of W Elm St.

Cited: Dakota D. Daugherty (M) (30)

Details: HPD Officers Responded to the report of a Child Custody Dispute and Mr. Daugherty was given a citation for Notice to Appear In Hoopeston City Court for Disorderly Conduct.


Criminal Damage to Property Arrest

Time: 3:00pm

Location: HPD

Cited: (2) 13 year old Hoopeston males

15 year old Hoopeston male

Details: An investigation of yesterday’s criminal damage to property in the 300 block of E Main St, brought 3 males and parents to HPD to be questioned. All 3 males were given city citations and a city court date.

19-year-old Buckley resident died from injuries received from a single-vehicle wreck

A 19-year-old Buckley resident died from injuries she received when she was ejected from her vehicle during a single-vehicle wreck near Loda Thursday night.

Champaign County Coroner Duane Northrup said Hannah Luening was pronounced dead at 11:35 p.m. in the Carle Foundation Hospital Emergency Department, Urbana.

Preliminary autopsy results indicate Miss Luening died from multiple blunt-force injuries she received during the crash.

Miss Luening, the driver, was ejected from her vehicle when it left the roadway, striking a culvert and rolling over several times near county roads 200N and 200E near Loda.

Iroquois County Sheriff’s Department and the coroner’s office are investigating the circumstances involving the crash.

Hoopeston Jaycees host Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday

The Easter Egg Hunt will be this Saturday!


Come join the fun with thousands of eggs! Candy, prizes, and of course the Easter Bunny!

Date: Saturday, April 16, 2022 Time: 10:30 a.m. Place: McFerren Park, Legion Shelter (south of Civic Center) Ages: 0-4, 5-7, 8-10 FREE!

Hoopeston Police Report 4/11/22

Fire Call

Time: 12:12pm

Location: 800 blk N Market

Details: HPD and HFD were called to assist in a control burn of an unoccupied residence.


Traffic Accident H22-1320

Time: 12:24pm

Location: 700 blk S 1st Av

Unit #1: 2005 Dodge Van driven by Manuela DeLeon DeZamarripa (F) (68) of Hoopeston

Unit #2: 2012 Volkswagon Sedan driven by Raeghan Dickison (F) (16) of Hoopeston

Details: HPD was dispatched to the above location for the report of a traffic accident. Unit #1 was

backing out of a parking space and struck Unit #2. No injuries were reported, both units were insured and Unit #1 was ticketed for improper backing.


Criminal Damage to State Supported Property, Criminal Damage to Property H22-1325

Time: 4:44pm

Location: 300 blk E Main St

Complainant: 70 year old Hoopeston female

Details: HPD officers were called to the above location for the report of vandalism to the building

and sign. An investigation continues.


Fire Call

Time: 9:22pm

Location: 800 blk N Market

Details: HFD and HPD were called to the area for a rekindle of the control burn from earlier.


Criminal Trespass; Criminal Damage over H22-1303

Time: 10:05 am

Location: 400 Blk E Seminary Ave

Details: HPD was dispatched to a residence for criminal damage to property. It has been turned over to investigations.


The City of Hoopeston would like to continue the tradition of a Fireworks Display in celebration of the 4th of July holiday for 2022. The City is asking local businesses to help support and raise funds for a Fireworks show to be presented in Hoopeston this year, 2022. We are offering different sponsorship levels as listed below.


Corporate Sponsors - $2,500 - $5,000

Small Business Sponsors - $250 - $500


Please mail payments to the City of Hoopeston Fireworks, 301 W Main St. We will need all payments no later than June 1, 2022. We thank you in advance for your support in keeping this tradition alive.



Jeff Wise, Mayor

Hoopeston Police Report 4/7/22

Illegal Operation of ATV H22-1274

Time: 6:14PM

Location: N 1700 E Rd/Rt 9

Arrested: Cole A Alkire(24)(M)of Hoopeston

Details: HPD officers observed an ATV in town. The ATV was located and Mr. Alkire was

arrested and transported to HPD for processing and later released with a Vermilion

County court date.


On April 5 and April 6, 2022, the emergency outdoor warning siren located at the corner of south Sixth Street and east Elm Street malfunctioned several times by sounding without being activated. As of 8:00 am this morning, this siren has been taken out of service and the power has been disconnected. This will greatly reduce the coverage area of our outdoor warning system for the southeast part of Hoopeston. A contractor has been contacted for repairs. Residents are reminded there are many ways to receive emergency alerts. If you have a smart phone, make sure that your emergency notifications are turned on. Several weather apps will alert you to severe weather in your area. You can also sign up for Nixle text message alerts from Vermilion County and the City of Hoopeston.

Hoopeston Police Report 4/5/22

Burglary to Auto H22-1226 2022-2660

Time/Date Occurred: 4:17pm 4/3/22

Time/Date Arrest: 3:29am 4/4/22

Location: 200 blk W Maple

Complainant: 41 year old Hoopeston male

Arrested: Marty Fink (M) (68) of Hoopeston

Details: HPD officers were called to the area in reference to a burglary to auto. At the time of call, officers were unable to located the suspect, Mr. Fink. Later, Mr. Fink came to the police department to report suspicious activity. HPD officers arrested him for the

burglary and walked him inside HPD to be processed. He was later transported to the

PSB in Danville to await arraignment.



Traffic Accident H22-1246

Time: 1:35PM

Location: W Penn St/S 1St Ave

Unit 1: 2014 Freightliner Tractor driven by Marciara N Mitchell(29)(F) of Glenwood

Details: Driver of unit 1 stated that she was Northbound on S 1st Ave and came to a stop at W Penn St. Driver of Unit 1 stated that she proceeded to turn right on W Penn St. to head East when she struck the Utility Pole owned by Ameren. No injuries were reported, no tickets issued.

Vermilion County Covid 19 update 4/5/22

COVID 19 Daily Updates

Updated:   April 4th, 2022
CDC Statistics for Vaccination Numbers
Link to CDC Data
Data is Provisional.

Vermilion County Vaccination Counts

Total Number of Vermilion County’s Population ages 5+ that are fully vaccinated:  34,550
Percentage of Vermilion County’s Population ages 5+ that are fully vaccinated: 48.7%
Percentage of Vermilion County’s Population ages 18+ that are fully vaccinated:  56.2%
Percentage of Vermilion County’s Population ages 65+ that are fully vaccinated:  77.7%
Percentage of Fully Vaccinated Population with a Booster Dose:  46.4%
Percentage of Fully Vaccinated 65+ Population with a Booster Dose:  68.7%

Vermilion County Case Counts (Data is Provisional)

Case Rate (last 7 days) / per 100,000 (4/2):  26.40
Actual Number of Cases (last 7 days):  20
Total Cases (beginning March, 2020):  27,861
Total Deaths (4/1):  294

Danville Library Program hopes to assist Small Business

DANVILLE, IL.- In partnership with the Small Business Development Center at DACC and Vermilion Advantage, the 
Danville Library Foundation is bringing together a consortium of business leaders to offer advice to area small businesses 
beginning Wednesday, April 6th at 8:00 AM at the Danville Public Library and continuing the first Wednesday of every 
Members of the community looking to start a business or existing businesses looking for a fresh perspective are invited 
and encouraged to attend and seek input from people representing a broad base of experience; from staffing to finance to 
marketing and more.
“As I’ve stated repeatedly when building the concept, we’re hoping to create a very relaxed environment. A chance for 
current small businesses to interact with retired and veteran professionals, representing a wealth of knowledge” states 
Library Foundation Executive Director, Peter Blackmon. “I’ve brought together a great group minds to share information 
over a cup of coffee; and all for free.”
The program is intended to be a “First Step” in offering assistance. 
“It’s not our attempt to duplicate services as entities like Vermilion Advantage and SBDC have the resources.” Blackmon 
continues. “It’s why they are part of the program. We want to create a very relaxed, low pressure environment for people 
to gain some advice and, if necessary, get them to the outside resources afterwards.”
The Library Foundation, in partnership with the Danville Public Library, is hoping to continue to expand programs like 
At the end of April, DPL and Foundation is partnering with the United Way and Vermilion Advantage to bring the 
“Human Library” National Program to Danville.

Hoopeston Police Report 4/4/22

Operating uninsured Vehicle and No valid Registration (Traffic Accident) H22-1196

Time: 3:32pm

Location: 715 S 1st Ave.

Cited: Gerald D. Lingenfelter (M) (76) of Hoopeston

Driver of Unit 1: Gerald D. Lingenfelter (M) (76) of Hoopeston

Details: HPD Officers along with Rossville Ems and HFD responded to the report of a truck vs a building. Unit 1 was traveling Northbound on 1st Ave. from W Orange St. Unit 1 made a left-hand turn into the parking spots for the Fortees Apartments. Mr. Lingenfelter accidently pressed the gas and struck into the front of the Fortees Apartments. Mr. Lingenfelter was given two citations for No valid registration and operating uninsured vehicle.


Criminal Trespass to Property H22-1211 2022-2606

Time: 12:43am

Location: 600 blk S 1st Av

Complainant: 35 year old Hoopeston male

Arrested: Joel Garcia-Hernandez (M)(28) of Hoopeston

Details: HPD officers were dispatched to the above location for a subject to be removed. An investigation found Mr. Garcia-Hernandez has entered the residence without permission and was refusing to leave. He was arrested and taken to HPD to be processed. He was later transported to the PSB in Danville to await arraignment.


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