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WHPO Blog Archives for 2022-11

Hoopeston Police Report 11/30/2022


Time 00:49

Location: 400 Blk E Young Avenue

Details: HFD and HPD were dispatched to the above location for a structure fire. Upon arrival, the house was fully involved. The residence was believed to be vacant. No injuries were reported. Fire is under investigation

Hoopeston Police Report 11/29/22

Domestic Battery H22-5100 Date: 11/27/2022 Time: 22:59 Location: 600 Blk E Thompson Arrested: Kaylynn L Kruger (F) (34) of Hoopeston Details: HPD called to the area for an argument. Upon arrival, officers spoke with both parties involved. The male had physical injuries; non-life threatening. Female was transported and processed at HPD then transported to the PSB.


Fire Call Time: 2:13PM Location: 1000 W Main St Details: HFD and HPD were dispatched to the above location for a possible rekindle of a fire. No injuries were reported.

Hoopeston Police Report 11/28/2022

Fire Call

Time: 2:30am

Location: 714 W Orange St (Marathon)

Details: HFD and HPD were dispatched to the above location for a report of the grass on fire. No injuries were reported.



Warrant Arrest (Ford County) H22-5062 2022-10234

Time: 2:08am

Location: S 6th Av/W Main St

Arrested: Eric Couch (33) (M) of Hoopeston

Details: HPD officers checked out with Mr. Couch at the above location. A computer check, revealed subject to have two outstanding Ford County warrants. He was arrested and

taken to HPD to be processed. He was later transported to the PSB in Danville to await




Structure Fire

Time: 6:08am and 10:57am

Location: 1000 blk W Main St

Details: HFD and HPD responded to the report of a structure fire. Fire was extinguished and no

injuries were reported. Fire department was paged again for a rekindle of fire at 10:57am.



Fire Service

Time: 22:10

Location: 200 Blk W Main St.

Details: HFD responded to the report of a natural gas leak. HFD requested Ameren notified and all fire units cleared the scene. No reports of injuries.


Hoopeston Police Report 11/24/22


Time: 04:32 am

Location: 300 block N 3rd St

Complainant: 56-year-old Hoopeston Man

Arrestee: Czarny, Daniel J (M) (32) of Hoopeston

Details: HPD responded to report of a disturbance going on outside of the residence, upon arrival found the victim injured. Subject was transported to Carle Hoopeston ER for treatment by Arrow. The arrestee was located and charged with the above charges stemming from the complaint. Arrestee was transported to PSB to await arraignment before a judge.



Time: 08:03 am

Location: State Route 1 & State Route 9 Intersection

Unit 1: 2018 Acura Sedan, Driver: Gaines, Kenya V (M) (47) of Celina, Texas

Unit 2: 2017 GMC Terrain, Driver: Sean T Hoover (M) (34) of Hoopeston, IL

Details: At the above time and location HPD was requested for a 2-vehicle accident at the intersection. Unit 1 struck Unit 2. Unit 1 failed to stop for the intersection according to all accounts of the accident. Driver of Unit 1 was cited for Suspended Driver License. Both units insured, both units had to be towed from the scene. No injuries reported at the time of the accident.

Toole resigned as VCHD Administrator

Vermilion County Health Department Director of Environmental Health Jana Messmore was named the new interim administrator for the department after VCHD Public Health Administrator Doug Toole resigned last week.

Vermilion County Board of Health president Brad Gross confirmed Toole’s resignation.

A hearing was last week, but board officials declined to discuss the personnel issue.

The Board of Health, separate from the Vermilion County Board, named Messmore as interim public health administrator on Wednesday, Nov. 16. The board was to have a regular meeting on Nov. 15.

“I’m not in the position to discuss personnel issues. All services are business as usual. The position will be posted soon,” Messmore responded through email.

The Vermilion County Board of Health oversees the health department and has its own board.

Its website has no current meeting agenda or meeting minutes.

No other information, including from board of health members, Vermilion County Risk Consultant Bill Donahue or the state’s attorney’s office, which Donahue says is the attorney for the board of health, has been released.

Toole also could not be reached for comment.

Toole has been public health administrator since 2016. He took over after Jenny Trimmell’s retirement.

Toole spent time with the Vermilion County Health Department’s Environmental Health division as a college intern and started working at the health department full time after graduating from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1991 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

He became a licensed environmental health practitioner in December 1996 and acquired additional education through Danville Area Community College prior to being promoted to the position of director of environmental health in June 2010.

Hoopeston Police Report 11/23/2022

Fire Call

Time: 12:37am

Location: 112 E Main St., 112 Coffee and Wine

Details: HFD and HPD was called to scene for smoke showing in the alley behind the building. They found mattress/trash fire, and proceeded to put out. No damages or injuries reported.



Time: 01:51 AM

Location: Casey’s 912 S Dixie Highway

Arrested: Blake M Meehan (M) (22) of Hoopeston

Details: Mr. Meehan was a passenger of a vehicle that HPD stopped for a tail light out. After a computer check, Mr. Meehan was wanted on a Vermilion County Illinois warrant. He was processed at the HPD and taken to the PSB in lieu of bond.



Time: 12:35 pm

Location: 700 block E Orange St

Unit 1: 2008 Hyundai Sedan, Nolan V Ray (M) (17) of Rossville

Unit 2: 2017 Chevy Utility, Glynis R Brownlee (F) (57) of Savoy

Details: Unit 1 struck Unit 2: Unit 1 made a turn in front of Unit 2 which was closer than Unit 1 judged. Unit 1 was cited for Failure to yield to on-coming traffic with a court date set for the Vermilion County Courthouse. Both Units insured, No reported injuries, both units had to be towed from the scene.



Time: 2:49 pm

Location: 800 block N 3rd St

Details: HFD was requested to respond to assist a resident with lifting assistance since Arrow Ambulance had all their units out of Hoopeston.


Illinois State Police (ISP) District 10 Interim Commander, Acting Captain Bryan Pruitt, announces the results of Occupant Restraint Enforcement Patrols (OREP) held in Vermilion County during November. These OREPs provided extra patrol coverage for the ISP so officers could focus on saving lives by making sure all vehicle occupants were buckled up.


Violations Enforcement Activity

Safety Belt Citations 30

Child Restraint Citations 0

Total Citations 36

Total Written Warnings 14


Most motorists know safety belts save lives, but some ignore their safety and that of their families by neglecting to use safety belts and child restraint devices. These patrols reinforce the occupant protection message by focusing on those who ignore the law. Lives can be saved if people simply “buckle up!” This project is funded through the Illinois Department of Transportation

Hoopeston Police Report 11/21/22

City Ordnance: Restraint of Dog H22-5009

Time: 2:34pm

Location: 900 Bock of S Second Ave

Cited: Jose Torres Jr. (M) (49) of Hoopeston

Details: Officers responded to the above address for a report of a loose dog in their yard. They then talked to Mr. Torres about his dog and he was cited upon review

Hoopeston Police Report 11/19/2022

Fire Call

Time: 10:32 am

Location: 400 W Washington St

Details: HFD responded to the location for report of a CO2 going off. HFD found there was not any levels on their detector.




Fire Call

Time: 5:16PM

Location: 600 W Elm St

Details: HFD and HPD responded to the location for a report of a small fire.




Trespassing (City)

Time: 8:59pm

Location: 300 Block of W Elm St

Arrestee: Jason Reyes (34) (M) of Milford

Details: Officers responded to the residence for Mr. Reyes being in the garage and who was no trespassed from the residence. He was arrested and later released with a notice to appear in city court.


The United Community Fund of Grant Township has launched its 2023 fundraising raffle and participants will have the chance to win prizes from local businesses valued at $2000.


Tickets are $10 each. The drawing will be held in February 2023.


First prize is a $1000 prize package which includes a 50” TV from Sheridan’s. Second prize is a $500 prize package which includes an outdoor 4-burner LP gas griddle from Olympic Hardware. There will also be a third prize package valued at $300, and fourth and fifth prize packages valued at $100 each.


All prizes given away this year have been donated by local businesses or purchased by the United Community Fund from local businesses with grants provided by the First Financial Foundation and the Iroquois Federal Foundation.


Tickets are available from United Community Fund board members at Hoopeston Public Library, the Hoopeston Multi Agency, First Financial Bank, Iroquois Federal Savings & Loan and First Farmers Bank & Trust.


The United Community Fund of Grant Township provides support to local agencies and organizations that serve youth, families and senior citizens. Last year, more than $10,000 was allocated to these local groups.

Hoopeston Police Report 111/18/2022

Fire Call (CO2 Detector)

Time: 06:42 am

Location: 600 E Lincoln St

Details: HFD responded to report of CO2 Detector going off and the batteries had been changed. HFD determined that the unit was at end of life. Where advised to purchase new unit and replace it.

As Expected, Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Higher This Year

With inflation impacting food prices and fuel for trucks delivering nearly everything, it’s not surprising that the annual American Farm Bureau Federation’s Thanksgiving Dinner survey shows this year’s meal will cost more than in 2021.

This is the 37th annual survey conducted by the nation’s largest farm organization. The sur-vey, with the help of 224 volunteer shoppers from all 50 states and Puerto Rico, computed the average cost of this year’s Thanksgiving feast for 10 to be $64.05, just under $6.50 per person. That’s an increase of 20% from last year’s average of $53.31.

A similar survey conducted in Vermilion County showed shoppers can find the same meal for a cost of $56.27. While this local meal is 14.3% higher than 2021, it is 12.1% lower than the national average.

“General inflation slashing the purchasing power of consumers is a significant factor contrib-uting to the increase in average cost of this year’s Thanksgiving dinner,” said AFBF Chief Economist Roger Cryan. General inflation has been running 7% to 9% in recent months, while the most recent Consumer Price Index report for food consumed at home reveals a 12% increase over the past year.

“Other contributing factors to the increased cost for the meal include supply chain disruptions and the war in Ukraine,” Cryan said. “The higher retail turkey cost at the grocery store can also be attributed to a slightly smaller flock this year, increased feed costs and lighter pro-cessing weights.” Cryan said the supply of whole turkeys available to consumers should be adequate this year, although there may be temporary, regional shortages in some states where avian influenza was detected earlier this year.


The former Firestone in Hoopeston went up in flames this afternoon.


Crews battled the fire for hours at the intersection of IL Route 1 and Penn St. The damaged was so bad, they needed to tear the whole building down.

Five other departments came to help out.

“We came in for massive smoke and flames shooting out of the building,” said Hoopeston Chief Joel Bird. “Once we arrived, we noticed the building was totally involved.”

Crews were able to put out the flames, but because of the structural integrity of the building, Bird says it wasn’t safe for firefighters to go back inside when flames reignited.


"As we're tearing it down it's adding oxygen to the fire and it's reigniting in the spots we needed to get, that's why it's being tore down,” said Bird.


Chief Bird says someone was renting out of the Old Firestone building.

"I was informed They were supposed to be evicting the people today,” said Bird.

For hours the smoke was lingering when the demolition crews came. Flames sparked several times until they eventually knocked the main wall down.

"It's a little cold for us but we're getting the job done with a little bit of rain and snow,” said Bird.

And while it is unclear what startd the fire, The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Chief Bird says the next steps would hopefully be remediation from the building’s owner.



Hoopeston Police Report 11/15/2022

Fire Call

Time: 3:42am

Location: E Wyman/N 3rd St

Details: HFD was dispatched to the above location for the report of a shed on fire. An investigation


Hoopeston Police Report 11/14/2022

Traffic Accident

Time: 11:39am

Location: 300 Block of West Orange

Unit 1: A 2006 Nissan driven by Martin Pena (36) (M) of Rankin

Details: Unit 1 was headed westbound on orange began to have a medical issue. He then crossed the eastbound lane into the yard of the residence. No citations were issued, and driver was transported to the ER.

Hoopeston Police Report 11/12/2022

Fire Call

Time: 06:01 AM

Location: 700 Block W Main St

Details: HFD responded to complaint of a CO2 detector going off. HFD reported that due to the age of the detector that it was faulty. Advised resident to purchase a new unit and install.


Nuisance Animal Complaint, Delayed Entry.

Date: 11-5-2022 about 3pm

Location: 600 block W Elm St

Complainant: US Postal Service Hoopeston Office

Cited NTA: Baker, Kadi R (F) (21) of Hoopeston

Details: On the above listed date, the subject was cited for a dog being off property and leash.

NTA issued for Hoopeston City Court.


Criminal Damage to Property H22-4909

Date Occurred: 11-9-2022

Time Occurred: 01:00 AM

Location: 1000 block W Main St

Complainant: 39-year-old Hoopeston Woman

Details: Complainant reported today (11-11-2022) the damage that occurred to her residence.


Warrant Arrest, Possession of Stolen Vehicle 2022-9908 H22-4914

Time: 8:17pm

Location: 912 S Dixie Hwy Casey’s

Arrestee: Jamacia N Kennedy (35) (F) of Danville

Details: Officers were patrolling when they spotted a possible stolen vehicle. A traffic stop was performed and vehicle was confirmed stolen. Driver of the vehicle had an outstanding VC warrant. She was arrested and later transported to the PSB.


Vermilion County Farm Bureau will hold its 104th Annual Meeting on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at the Beef House Banquet Center in Covington, IN. Doors will open for registration at 5:30 pm (IL time), with dinner beginning at 6:00 pm.


During the registration period, members will have the opportunity to bid on items in the Vermilion County Farm Bureau Foundation’s Silent Auction. The silent auction items are listing on the organization’s website (



The business portion of the evening will include recognition of the Ag in the Classroom Teacher of the Year, Farm Bureau Spokesperson of the Year, and the Farm Bureau Distinguished Service Award winner.


The guest speaker for the evening will be Mark Gebhards, Illinois Farm Bureau’s director of Governmental Affairs and Commodities. He’ll talk about working with legislators, the upcoming Farm Bill and the importance of members being involved with our legislators.


Tickets are required for the event, and are $15 for farming “M” members, $20 for A+ members, and $25 for associate “A” members.  They can be purchased at the Farm Bureau office, with a deadline to purchase tickets by Wednesday, November 23.  The Farm Bureau office is located in the Vermilion County Center for Agriculture, 1905-C U.S. Route 150 at Henning Road, Danville.

For more information about the Vermilion County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting, contact the Farm Bureau office at (217) 442-8713.

Hoopeston Police Report 11/8/2022

Driving While License Suspended, Operating an Uninsured Vehicle H22-4846 Time: 1:33am Location: Front St/E Thompson Arrested: Marci Hartman (F) (44) of Hoopeston Details: HPD officers stopped the vehicle Ms. Hartman was driving for a traffic violation. A computer check revealed that she had a revoked license. She was arrested and taken to HPD to be processed. She was later released with a traffic court date and 2 citations.


Fire Call Time: 6:18PM Location: 600 W Washington St Details: HFD and HPD were dispatched to the above location for a Lift assist requested by Arrow Ambulance.

Hoopeston Police Report 11/6/22

Traffic Accident

Time: 1:28pm

Location: W Orange/S First Ave

Unit 1: A 2020 Chevrolet Bus driven by Patrick Clingenpeel (69) of Hoopeston

Unit 2: A 2012 Chevrolet Silverado driven by Blake Rogers (24) of Hoopeston

Details: Unit 1 was stopped at the stop sign on S 1st Ave. Unit 1 entered the highway without seeing Unit 2 and struck the trailer of Unit 2 who was going Eastbound. No injuries were reported, no tickets were issued, and both parties were insured.



Time: 08:50 am

Location: 600 Blk E Maple St

Details: HPD and HFD was called to the above for a transformer that blew with power lines tangled in a tree that had fallen to block the entire roadway. After HPD and HFD arrived on scene, Ameren, street department, and EMA was called to the scene. Area residents reported their power out. No injuries were reported.

Phone lines down for the Iroquois County Sheriff's Department and Jail

The following phone lines for the Iroquois County Sheriff’s Department and Jail are not presently working: 815-432-6992 Iroquois County Sheriff’s Department Main 815-432-6993 Iroquois County Sheriff’s Department Main 815-432-6996 Iroquois County Sheriff’s Department Main Fax 815-432-6970 Iroquois County Sheriff’s Department Jail 815-432-7226 Iroquois County Sheriff’s Department Jail Fax 815-432-6971 Iroquois County Sheriff’s Department Investigations 815-432-7463 Iroquois County Sheriff’s Department Crime Stoppers If you need to contact any of the above departments, please call the Iroquois County Dispatch non emergency phone number 815-432-4918 The outage could last through the weekend and into the next week. The public will be updated on the status of the phone lines via news release to the media, the Iroquois County Website and on the Iroquois County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page.

Hoopeston Police Report 11/4/22

Warrant Arrest H22-4771 Time: 08:46 AM Location: 400 block E Thompson Av Hoopeston Arrested: Zarate, Sandy L (F) (36) of Hoopeston Details: At above time, the female was run through a computer check and it was found that she had an Iroquois County Warrant. 20CM1 FTA Warrant. She was unable to post a bond, Iroquois County came to Hoopeston picked the subject up and transported her back to Watseka.



Violation of Order of Protect H22-4773 Time: 10:15 AM Location: 500 block W Penn St Hoopeston Complainant: 57-year-old Hoopeston Woman Arrestee: Blake M Meehan (22) (M) of Hoopeston Details: At the above time, Hoopeston Police was informed the male subject who was arrested was in the protected address with a housemate. HPD responded and found the male in the residence and taken into custody. Transported to HPD processed and later taken to PSB Danville to appear before a judge. 

Hoopeston Police Report 11/3/2022

Fire Call

Time: 6:30pm

Location: 800 Blk E Main

Details: HFD was called at the req of Arrow to assist with a call.


Criminal Damage to Property

Time: 6:03pm

Location: 700 Block of S 2nd Ave

Complaint: 35yr old Hoopeston Female

Arrestee: 12yr old Hoopeston Male

Details: HPD officers were called to the above location for damage to her vehicle. Officers located juvenile, he was arrested and brought to HPD. Juvenile was then released to parents.

2022 Jaycees' Toys for Kids Registration

Christmas is coming! The Hoopeston Jaycees will host registration for their annual Toys for Kids Project, which allows qualifying families to select new toys and stocking stuffers for children ages 0-12. Participation will be open to all residences within the Hoopeston Area School District, including Hoopeston, Rankin, East Lynn, Wellington, and Cheneyville. Income qualification will be based on the book waiver through the school district. Applicants must be parents and/or guardians, and are asked to bring proof of residency and children.

Registration will take place at the Hoopeston First United Methodist Church (403 E. Main St.) on the following dates:

Monday, November 7: 9:00-11:00 a.m.

Monday, November 7: 4:30-6:30 p.m.

Tuesday, November 8: 9:00-11:00 a.m.

Tuesday, November 8: 4:30-6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, November 9: 9:00-11:00 a.m.

Wednesday, November 9: 4:30-6:30 p.m.

Please direct any questions to or our Facebook page at “Hoopeston Jaycees”.


Effective immediately: Due to a water main break, the City of Hoopeston Water Department has issued a boil order for the areas of Young Avenue from Market Street to Front Street and Front Street from Seminary Avenue to McCracken Avenue. Also, residents in these areas could experience possible rust and low water pressure.

Hoopeston Police Report 11/2/22

Fire Call

Time: 6:14PM

Location: 700 N Market

Details.: HFD and HPD were dispatched to the above location for kitchen fire. No injuries reported

Hoopeston Police Report 11/1/2022

Delayed Entry: Battery, Criminal Damage to Property. H22-4626

Date: October 26,2022

Location: La Casa Del Sol 1010 W Chestnut St Hoopeston

Complainant: 58-year-old Hoopeston Male

Arrested: 16-year-old Rossville Female Juvenile

Detail: A Juvenile petition was filed against the female juvenile over an incident in front of the business. Juvenile was released to her grand mother and paper work filed with the SA of Vermilion County.


Delayed Entry: Criminal Damage to Property H22-4699

Date: October 30,2022

Location: 300 Block of South Third St Hoopeston

Arrested: James A Bieber (M) (25) of Hoopeston

Detail: HPD was called to the above address for a damage report. Mr. Bieber was located and later processed and released with a mandatory court appearance.


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