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WHPO Blog Archives for 2023-02

Hoopeston Police Report 2/28/2023

Arrest on Case Files: H23-0556, H23-0725,

Date of Incident: 02-10-2023, H23-0556, 300 block W Orange St. Res. Burglary

Date of Incident: 02-20-2023, H23-0725, 400 block W Chestnut St. Criminal Trespass to Res.

Arrested: Stevens, Julia R. (F) (40) Homeless,

Details: The arrested person was taken into custody after she was located in Parkview Court Complex. Subject was transported to HPD processed and then transported to the PSB to await court hearing. Charges are as follows:

1. Possession Stolen Property over $500

2. Criminal Trespass to Residence

3. Residential Burglary



Fire Call

Time: 08:06 am

Location: E Washington St/S Market St

Details: HFD responded to report of mattress on fire next to a house. Upon arrival HFD found the flaming mattress and extinguished the flames. HPD was able to determine that the person fell asleep while smoking which caused the fire.


Fire Call

Time: 2:42 PM

Location: 600 blk S 4th St

Details: HFD responded to the area for the report of a power line sparking.

Hoopeston Police Report 2/27/23

Delayed Entry

Hit and Run

Date: 2/23/23

Time: 05:43 am

Location: S 1st Ave/W Penn St Details: HPD and HFD responded to the area for a pole and wires being down. Officers observed multiple poles and wires down in the area. No injuries were reported. Investigation continues.


Fire Call

Time: 7:17 am

Location: Scott Drive area

Details: HFD was dispatched to investigate the strong burning smell in the residence. It was determined that an electrical heating system was malfunctioning, electrical supply was shut down and the owner was advised to have it looked at or replaced. HFD Cleared the scene and no damage had occurred.


Possession of Methamphetamine, Resisting, Obstructing a Peace Officer H23-0818

Time: 23:43

Location: S. 6th Avenue/W. Washington Street

Arrested: Gerardo Arce (M) (W) (42) Hoopeston

Details: HPD officer attempted to stop Mr. Arce while on a Bicycle without any lights. Subj refused to stop for police. He was apprehended, taken into custody, processed at HPD and transported to the Danville Public Safety Building awaiting arraignment.

Hoopeston Police Report 2/24/2023

Accident Hit and Run H23-0798

Time: 5:48PM

Location: 500 S 6th Ave

Unit 2: 2022 Toyota Corolla parked by Gabrielle S Sigerill (34)(F) of Hoopeston

Details: Unit 2 while parked was struck in the driver’s side door by an unknown vehicle. There were

no citations issued and Unit 2 was insured.

Hoopeston Police Report 2/22/23

Fire Call Time: 4:36PM Location: State Route 9/N 1900 East Road Details: HFD was dispatched to the above location for a report of a fire in the ditch. No Injuries reported.



Retail Theft (Under) (City Ordinance) Time: 2:13PM Location: 415 S Dixie Hwy (Dollar General) Arrested: Patrice A Booker (37) (F) of Hoopeston Details: HPD officers were dispatched to the above location for a report of retail theft. Ms. Booker was located and given a City Notice to appear.

Hoopeston Police Report 2/20/23

FIRE SERVICE Time: 11:39 AM Location: 900 Blk Wilson Details: HFD called to a residence for a dryer on fire. HFD cleared without incident. No injuries were reported.


FIRE SERVICE Time: 12:38 PM Location: 300 Blk W Penn St Details: HFD called to a residence for an oven on fire. HFD cleared without incident. No injuries were reported.


Illinois State Police (ISP) Troop 7 Commander, Captain Bryan Pruitt, announces the results of Occupant Restraint Enforcement Patrols (OREP) held in Macon/Vermilion County during February. These OREPs provided extra patrol coverage for the ISP so officers could focus on saving lives by making sure all vehicle occupants were buckled up.


Violations Enforcement Activity

Safety Belt Citations 19

Child Restraint Citations 0

Total Citations 32

Total Written Warnings 5


Most motorists know safety belts save lives, but some ignore their safety and that of their families by neglecting to use safety belts and child restraint devices. These patrols reinforce the occupant protection message by focusing on those who ignore the law. Lives can be saved if people simply “buckle up!” This project is funded through the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Hoopeston Police Report 2/13/2023

Warrant Arrest H23-0563 2023-1139

Time: 12:03am

Location: 700 blk N Market

Arrested: 17 year old Hoopeston female

Details: HPD officers were called to the area for a disturbance. A computer check revealed the

juvenile had an outstanding Iroquois County warrant. She was taken to HPD to be

processed and later transported to Juvenile Detention Center in Danville.

Hoopeston Police Report 2/10/23

Traffic Accident (Delayed Entry) H23-0530

Date/Time: 2/8/23 10:59pm

Location: 500 blk W Elm St

Unit #1: 4 Wheeler owned/operated by Jacob Cordes (M) (37) of Hoopeston

Unit #2: Fence owned by Michael Bodensteiner of Hoopeston

Details: HPD officers were dispatched to a vehicle versus fence. Unit #1 had left the roadway and

crashed into a fence. Driver of Unit #1 was taken to the ER via Arrow Ambulance. He

was issued 4 citations, Failure to Reduce Speed/Accident, Driving While License Suspended, Operation of Non-Highway Vehicle on Street, and Operating Uninsured Vehicle.

Hoopeston Police Report 2/9/2023

Domestic Battery, Intimidation H23-0494 H23-0513

Time: 3:17 AM

Location: Casey’s General Store

Arrested: Andrew S Prattis (32) (M) of Hoopeston

Details: At the above location, HPD officers identified the subject who had pending charges of domestic battery. Subject was taken into custody, transported to HPD, and processed. Subject was later transported to the Public Safety Building Danville to await arraignment.


UUW (Possession of Firearm by Felon), Possession of Ammunition by Felon), Possession of Firearm with Revoked F.O.I.D., Driving while License Revoked (Citation #13437); Operating Vehicle with no proof of Insurance (Citation #13438) H23-0529 2023-1062

Time: 8:09 PM

Location: Olympic Hardware

Arrested: Matthew R Williams (48) (M) of Hoopeston

Details: While on patrol, HPD officer pulled traffic on a vehicle driven by the subject. Throughout the traffic stop, the subject was found to have a revoked license and no insurance. The subject gave consent for a vehicle search which led to the charges above. He was taken into custody by HPD, transported and processed to HPD. Later he was transported to Public Safety Building Danville to await arraignment.

Hoopeston Police Report 2/8/2023

Wanted on Warrant Iroquois County FTA (Warrant # 22CM91) Time: 12:11 AM Location: W Penn St/S 7th Ave Arrested: Jason R Reyes (35) (M) of Hoopeston Details: While on patrol HPD officer located subject wanted out of Iroquois County. Subject was taken into custody by HPD and transported for processing, then transported by Iroquois County Sherriff’s Department to await arraignment. 

Hoopeston Police Report 2/6/2023

Fire Call

Time: 4:33PM

Location: 719 W Elm St (Fast Lanes Bowling Alley)

Details: HFD and HPD were dispatched to the above location for a report of the kitchen on fire. No

injuries were reported.



Traffic Accident H23-0474 Time: 10:46pm Location: 1 McFerren Way Unit #1: 2016 Chrysler 300 driven by Marcos Morales (M) (22) of Danville Unit #2: fence owned by City of Hoopeston Details: HPD officers were called to McFerren Park by the skate park for a vehicle that had hit a fence. Mr. Morales was ticketed for No Valid Registration, Operating an Uninsured Vehicle, and Illegal Transportation of Alcohol. No injuries and vehicle was towed from the area. 

Hoopeston Police Report 2/3/2023

Fire Call

Time: 8:14 PM

Location: 900 blk E Wyman Ave

Details: Hoopeston FD responded to a call reporting the smell of natural gas. FD cleared without incident

Hoopeston Police Report 2/2/2023


Time: 09:15 AM

Location: S 3rd Av / W Chestnut St

Unit 1: 2017 Grey Chevy driven by Espinoza, Stacy R (F) (36) of Hoopeston

Unit 2: 2014 White Buick driven by Fozdar, Ken R (M) (77) of Hoopeston

Details: At the above location HPD was requested to investigate a two (2) car accident that occurred

At the intersection. Unit 1 driver was transported to Hoopeston Carle by Arrow Ambulance.

Both Units has to be towed from the scene. Both Units insured. Unit 1 driver was cited for

Failure to Yield when required.


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